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30 Tips to Lower Your Electricity Bill


30 Tips to Lower Your Electricity BillAs promised, here I am paying forward what I’ve learned from Bob, my energy-guru neighbor. In case you still depend on electricity like most of us do and you are frightened at the thought of your monthly bill, I’m gonna give you some tips to reduce your energy bill. This time I’m just gonna provide you with a simple checklist of things you can do to reduce your energy bill—30 things in total! We’re gonna explore some of them and others more on the following days.

  1. During the day, keep windows and doors closed. Use blinds and shades to cover doors to reduce heat and cool air loss.
  2. During winter, set your thermostat as low as possible for your comfort level. Try 68 degrees or less.
  3. When using an air conditioning unit of any sort, set your thermostat for 78 degrees or higher.
  4. When you leave on vacation, set your thermostat for 85 degrees or higher during warm seasons.
  5. Use a shade or covering with an air conditioning unit’s condenser.
  6. Weather strip doors, windows, pipes, and ducts.
  7. When using central air conditioning or heating, close vents to rooms in your home you don’t use.
  8. Use your dryer when it is full—or air dry clothes.
  9. Insulate your attic and ceiling. Proper insulation may reduce energy costs by as much as 25 percent.
  10. Insulate walls and doors to prevent air from escaping. Concrete foam is a popular solution. .
  11. Seal electric outlets and boxes with foam or fiberglass gaskets.
  12. Use only cold or warm water in your washing machine.
  13. Update single-pane windows to storm or thermal windows.
  14. Repair any holes in the roof, walls, ceilings, floors, and windows with proper insulation.
  15. Set the thermostat to 120 degrees to 140 degrees for your dishwasher.
  16. Use low-flow showerheads and water faucets.
  17. Insulate your water heater with a blanket or insulating protection.
  18. Open the refrigerator and freezer doors only when necessary. Close them promptly when finished.
  19. When cooking and reheating smaller quantities of food, use your microwave rather than your oven.
  20. Clean refrigerator coils.
  21. Use only one refrigerator. A second unit could cost about $200 per year.
  22. Don’t preheat your oven.
  23. When cooking in the oven, cook several dishes at one time, if possible, to reduce the amount of time your oven is in use and consuming energy.
  24. When cooking and reheating smaller quantities of food, use your microwave rather than your oven.
  25. Turn off lights when you’re not at home—or when they are not needed.
  26. Switch your light bulbs to compact fluorescent and avoid using older-model light bulbs. You’ll save 2/3 energy and won’t need to replace your bulbs for 10 times as much time.
  27. When cooking food, use a range top instead of an oven, whenever possible.
  28. Clean pool cleaning equipment properly before each use.
  29. Use a pool cover when not using a pool to reduce evaporation.
  30. Use dimmer switches or timers to limit the amount of time your lights are active—and the wattage you consume.

Try to use as many of these tips as possible and compare your electricity bills – before and after. Even if they seem insignificant right now, these easy changes may help you to cut your electricity bills significantly. I’m gonna go more into detail next time with some of these tips and others that can help you keep more money in your pocket at the end of the month.

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