Hosting a social event? 5 ways to ensure the security of your event

 Being a host is never an easy task, be it hosting a small, warm dinner at home or it is about hosting the annual event of your college or the yearly reward and recognition events of your corporate firms. Each of them have their own complexities and they are supposed to be dealt in different manner depending upon the complexity of each event. There will be a number of decisions which will require your brainstorming but it will be them which will make your event the most successful one ever!

One major aspect that you need to pay close attention to is the security of your event. Security is a critical issue which needs special care when you are planning and making preparations for your event. This is why a lot of event manager have a dedicated team which looks after this requirement with the association of services like OGS Security Services that provide impeccable event security solutions to make your event so organised that it earns you the fame of the best event manager!

Let us see a few of the ways by which you can look after the security of your event.

Keep an eye on who attends the show– keeping in mind the sensitivity of your event, you must be equally vigilant about the security of your event. One easy way to keep an eye on who is a guest of your event is make a compulsory entry pass. This must be the only way to secure an entry so that you do not have to face any negative elements at the entry position of your event. In case your guest is bringing someone along, you must require a prior information about this so that no verification is needed at the time of entry. Another tip- do not feel hesitant to ask for a valid ID proof from your guests.

Have a budget decided for your security-

security of your event must not be a neglected provision. When you begin with the planning of your event, the first and foremost thing that you must keep into account is the security of the event. Allocate a separate budget for it which will bear all the expenses of the event’s security. It is needless to say that the larger the event the greater will be the security requirement and hence there will be a proportional increase in the expenditure over security.

Installation of security systems

you will not just need skilled security personnel for the entire event, but also you will have to look into the various security system installations at crucial positions. You will need CCTV surveillance systems, metal detectors, maybe motion detectors and anything else that you can think of along with manned security at strategically important positions like the backstage, entry check post, event hall and other such places. Make sure you have a dedicated room for all these surveillance controls and a designated team for this task who will be involved in keeping an eye virtually on the entire event.

Be thorough with the venue- you cannot be completely prepared with your security arrangements till the time you are not well versed with the area you have to monitor. When you are setting up the security systems at the venue, you must make sure that you keenly observe the venue area so that if at all an emergency arises, you do not have to search for a map to reach to the location. This will also help you when you will brief your security personnel about their positions.

Have an emergency action plan- there are times when all your security arrangements may prove to be a slight failure and unforeseen situation may arise. Therefore, it is always better to be prepared with a plan B and have an emergency action plan in such conditions. Have emergency evacuations for VIPs and other guests, contact list of the nearest hospital, coordinate with the nearest police station and proper traffic control system at these times.


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