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7 Smart Things a Prepper Can do With His Money


7 Smart Things a Prepper Can do With His Money

Though many believe the inevitable coming collapse would destroy the dollar, making your saving useless (or will it?), there are plenty of things you can do with your money right now, things that will get you to be more prepared for what’s coming.

Don’t worry, I’m not gonna try to convince you to spend all your money on preps. There are plenty of other things you can do with them that most preppers will agree to. Let’s see them!

#1. Buy land for your location

There are many preppers who are considering either moving away from crowded cities, or simply having a bug out location. Some of them, such as JR, are even documenting the process step by step, from buying the land, to building the retreat to setting up perimeter defenses and stockpiling it with food, water, tools, gear etc.

Buying the land is the hardest decision to make, of course, primarily because of the costs involved. Sure, it won’t be as expensive as getting a penthouse in downtown Manhattan but, if you decide to go for it, it’ll probably be your biggest expense when it comes to survival.

Still, the benefits of a house in the woods go well beyond preparedness. You can go there to relax, work the garden and spend quality time with your family.

#2. Get out of debt

I wouldn’t want to be caught in debt when the big one hits. As I’m writing this, there’re plenty of news and rumors that another stock market crash is likely this year and there’s nothing suggesting that it won’t be worse than the one in 2009.

#3. Invest some of your money into your skills

Tools and gear are nothing unless you know how to use them. The list of survival skills is a length one but you should focus on the few that you think you’ll enjoy. There are plenty of classes, seminars, bootcamps and training camps that you can attend.

#4. Keep some in your bug out bag

You’re going to need it to buy various things before or right after a disaster. Who knows, maybe the $100 you stash in small bills in one of the compartments will buy you your freedom one day.

If not, it still going to be a relief when you realize you’ve run out of cash and need some quick. I can’t tell you how many times I was able to buy something I needed simple because I found some cash lying around in one of my pants’ back pockets.

If you want to take this one step further, there’re dozens of other places to hide your money where no thief will think to look, you just have to outsmart them.

#5. Buying gold and silver

I’m not by any means a financial expert but if the dollar is going to collapse, precious metals are surely going to be worth N times more. Many financial experts recommend purchase silver from Golden Eagle Coin. Gold has been steadily declining since 2013, meaning that now it’s more affordable than it was in years.

#6. Invest it in quality gear

When it comes to tools and gear, you usually get what you pay for. This isn’t to say the more expensive the better but being cheap might actually lose you money in the long run.

Get a cheap flashlight and you’ll soon need to buy another one because the first one broke… Get a cheap backpack and it might fail you while you’re bugging out…

Bottom line: proper research (amazon, forums, blogs, and word of mouth) plus the right money for the quality equals a properly equipped prepper.

#7. Start a business

Everyone knows it takes money to make money so why not start something that will get you even more money to invest in your preps? For example, you can start a serious garden by making a good plan and then sell your produce to others OR you can teach your skill to others, whether it’s shooting a gun, self-defense, making primitive tools, sowing, quilting, pottery making or woodworking.

Now, I’m not trying to say this will be easy, but since you’re not looking to make huge profits, you’ll find it pretty easy to make a second income from something you’re passionate about.

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