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Things To Know When You Are Hiking In 7 Steps


Things To Do When You Are Hiking

When you are hiking, there is a special feeling. The one that millions of Americans are enjoying each and every year. This leisure activity that anyone does when they go camping. Even though I myself understand the curiosity of wondering, there are a few things you have to do when you are hiking, to assure your coming back.

As the day goes by, the folks decide they had enough of this trip. Anyhow, trying to get back to the camp may seem easy, as many things lookalike, but that’s the thing with the nature – anything looks the same. Therefore, many end up lost and maybe even injured.

Try to take these advises into account when you are next going in a trip. It is very easy to learn how to survive as it doesn’t imply you to carry all your staff with you or being an expert. It is about being aware of people’s mistakes.

Be prepared for your trip

The nature always plays by its own rules. Always be prepared with the right clothing because when hiking the temperature can drop even more than 15 degrees. Don’t forget to prepare the medical first kit for hiking. The wildness can always injury you and the most typical accidents are twisting an ankle. If you do not prepare properly it can be harmful for you and it can also get deadly. Preparing for the journey is also the most important lesson for any trip.

Keep in touch with the group

Walking around the nature alone can be one of the biggest pleasures on Earth, if at the right time. But then again, as in travelling without a GPS, you should never play the lone wolf. This kind of attitude can get you killed and there is no glory in that. Therefore, you should always let people know where are you going and when you are coming back. Finding you in a smaller area is easier for the help to come. Never forget your personal Bluetooth locator at home just to be sure.

Don’t underestimate the trail

Underestimating the trail can lead to the last road to some of us. The last people to come to the arts of hiking usually act like a new born. They are likely to overvalue their physical condition and even their hiking abilities. Never go on a track which is marked as hard. You have to “make your way up” so you should always check for the path you want to climb before.

Stay on the planned road

You should always keep to the road you have planned from the beginning. If you just plan on going off-trail, do it. Many people including myself went off-trail, but you should not wonder on the wrong ways if you are not prepared for this. Firstly, always make sure to have the right gear for the road you picked. It is nothing more important than be prepared for the unexpected. Most of the beginners end up lost and injured because they just went off-trail. Secondly, always check for the surroundings. Stay around the area you have already checked on and know. Do not go far from the places you know unless you are a hunter. Too many people do not even check the area they intend to camp on and this is the most common mistake that get people injured.

Can’t touch this

When you are hiking bad terrain, never trust the weeds around. They can hide holes of snakes or other biting insects and you surely will regret it. Moreover, they are usually not very stable and can easily put you in danger. One of the most common mistakes at beginners is that they do not pay attention to the surrounding environment. So pay attention where you put your hands, especially in the wilderness.

The sixth sense

Travelling in the nature is not rocket science and you do not have to use your sixth sense. You don’t even to use 5. If you are able to use your eyes, ears and nose you should cover everything you need to know. Never rely only on eyes as they may not be able to give you the full picture are expecting. The combination of these three can sometimes save your life or spare time. Besides that, you will never feel the full connexion with the nature if you do not use all of them. You must understand that using these senses will make it more enjoyable and safer to travel when going outdoors.

H2O to go

If you have checked the area and did not found any water around or the way to any, you have to make sure you will be hydrated. Another common mistake that people make is underestimate the amount of water they need. The nature will not work it out for you so you need to bring more water than you need to survive. Water does not mean life just when you are thirsty. It is helpful on cooking and many survival techniques.

All in all, we all need to be aware of the dangers of hiking. The more you know, the more chances you have to be fine. Or at least, handle any situation you face. You will have a peacefully and enjoyable camping if you just do not make the same mistakes many people do. And of course, always be prepared for unexpected things from nature.

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