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7 Steps to Cut Your Energy Bill


7 Steps to Cut Your Energy BillI hope you took my advices from last time on how to reduce your electrical bill! Right now, I’m gonna expand more on the topic and get into details with 7 tricks you can use to feel a significant change in your wallet when it comes to bills money. They are all tested by me and Bob, and believe it or not, they work!

  1. Buy new models of appliances. The government offers many energy tax credits to help you replace older model appliances with newer models. Newer models might not only help to save you money on operating expenses, but they will help to reduce your energy consumption significantly.
  1. Maximize the efficiency of your oven, dishwasher, dryer, or washing machine. Be sure to maximize their efficiency by loading it to its fullest capacity. You’ll get lower energy bills because you’ll be using less energy for the amount of items you’re washing or cooking.
  2. Have a professional look at your HVAC system. By having your HVAC system inspected, you can be sure that it is operating efficiently. If it needs cleaning, you can arrange to have that done. If you arrange a proper cleaning for your HVAC, you can be sure that it is running efficiently. You can also update the HVAC system with a newer model—and get a tax credit from the government to do so, in many cases.
  1. Use newer compact fluorescent light bulbs. CFL bulbs are more energy-efficient and long-lasting than their counterparts, helping to save you money on energy expenses—and the cost to replace your bulbs.
  2. Unplug appliances when they are not in use or turn off the power strip. By unplugging appliances, you’ll have up to ten percent of the amount of energy you could be using because of phantom loads.
  1. Insulate and seal your house. Make sure that your house is properly protected from the elements by insulating it with the proper insulation for its surfaces. Good insulation can go a long way in ensuring that your home stays energy-efficient and that it is less expensive to operate.
  2. Use fans. Fans can not only help to cool air on hot days, but they can also help to push hot air down to the center of a room on cold days (when used in reverse). Switch to fans to save money and be more energy efficient for half the price of air conditioning and room heating units!

Put these tips in practice ASAP and soon you will start getting better results from your investment in energy. The longer you stay committed to these rules, the more money you will save. I cannot wait to hear good news from you on how you manage to lower your electricity bills. Next time I will tell you some facts you absolutely must know when you’re buying solar panels. Stay green!

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