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Why activated carbon is your best buddy?


Activated carbon
Activated carbon

Activated carbon or activated charcoal is most often a black powder which is processed from nut shells, wood or coal. Its main use is adsorption or chemical reactions.

In the daily life, it has many uses. Probably the most important is curing almost any kind of poisoning. It’s also used for whitening your teeth naturally or water filtering.

Activated charcoal has been in use since 1550 B.C. In 1831, Professor Tourey at the French Academy of Medicine drank a lethal dose of strychnine in order to demonstrate the medical benefits of activated carbon. Because he drank it with activated coal, he survived.

Whitens your teeth

Activated carbon helps you whiten your teeth naturally, easy and very fast. It’s always helpful to have it in your bathroom, close to your toothbrush and toothpaste.

Activated charcoal

All you need: a disposable toothbrush, a cup, water and one capsule of activated charcoal. Be prepared, it’s going to get very messy as activated carbon stains a lot. Be careful with it! All you have to do is wet the toothbrush, place it on some napkins or towels. When you start brushing you could add some toothpaste. Brush gently for 3 to 5 minutes and spit in the cup because it’s easier to clean. Rinse your mouth with a lot of water and spit. Voila, your teeth are shades whiter.


Activated Carbon Helps You with Digestive Cleanse

Because of the everyday toxins you get in touch with like the pesticide from vegetables and so on, it’s best to cleanse your digestive system periodically. It will reduce joint pain and as an extra, you’ll get a boost of energy too. Just take 10 grams 2 hours before every meal for 2 days. Make sure you drink 12 to 16 glasses a water a day because you’ll be very dehydrated. This will also reduce your high (bad) cholesterol and increases the levels of good cholesterol.

Helps you a hangover

Yes, activated charcoal is the best drinking buddy. Not only that you’ll be painless the next day, but it lowers your alcohol level, if you drink it along with your booze.

Filters your water

Whether you use it to filter your aquarium water, in case of poisoning or when hiking in the woods, carbonated charcoal is one of the best natural filters for your water. It is used for water filtration all around the world. It’s enough to drink 10 glasses per day of pure water if you want to stay healthy and fit.

Activated charcoal is a good emergency toxin removal

From food poisoning to alcohol poisoning or many other pharmaceutical drugs including aspirin, opium or cocaine, our charcoal superhero will come to the rescue. Take large quantities like 50-100 grams of activated charcoal as soon as possible, in maximum 2 hours after the OD.

First aid tool and survival hack

In every child’s first aid kit there should be activated carbon. It’s very useful in cases of accidental ingestion of all kinds of chemicals or toxins. It’s best to call 911 to be sure that you use the correct amount of activated charcoal, but it’s important to administrate it as soon as possible.

There are plenty of reasons why activated carbon is your best buddy. It’s good if you’re fighting aging and for skin and body health. It’s also recommended in all kinds of spider bites, including Black Widow.

As every good friend, has its ups and downs too. Can interfere with prescription medications and some nutrients so it’s best to talk with a doctor, first.

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