Are You Prepared In Case Of An Emergency?

Emergencies can happen anytime no matter where you are. You never know when an emergency will hit close to home. Everyone must be prepared to survive for a three-day emergency or more without access to power, food, or transportation in case something unexpected happens. You should think about your own situation and what additional needs you might have.

Emergency Plan


The best way to cope with a natural disaster is to prepare by having a plan before it strikes. Making sure you have the food and supply’s you need will make surviving an emergency a lot more doable. Having a supply of food on hand can sustain a family in the case of an emergency, and it’s important to choose food items that can be stored safely and accessible. Here are some tips:

1.Dried fruit

driet food

In an emergency situation, fresh fruit will not be available. Fruits are one of the best sources of the vitamins and minerals you need, and they happen to taste great! You can simply add water to include them in any recipe or eat them right out of the can.

2. Ready-to-eat canned meats, fruits, vegetables, beans, soups (that do not require a can opener to open)

Because of the way they’re stored, canned foods do not go bad and can be eaten without any special preparations. Canned veggies and fruit can be an indispensable resource for when things go wrong with plenty of options to choose from.

3. Crackers


Crackers are a good replacement for bread. Though crackers can be an enjoyable snack at any time, they can be extremely helpful when things go wrong, they can provide lots of energy, and can be fairly nutritious. Make sure you keep them sealed and dry! Try to avoid salty crackers as this will increase your thirst.

4. Trail Mix

Trail Mix

Trail mix is healthful and convenient for snacking. Look for vacuum-packed containers, which prevent the nuts from oxidizing and losing their freshness. Trail mixes are packed with nuts, seeds, dried fruits and other tasty morsels. Still, these are also packed with non-perishable foods, important fatty acids, and salts.

5. Peanut Butter

 food storage or emergency kit

It is an excellent addition to any food storage or emergency kit. Aside from being delicious, peanut butter is high in fat and contains equal amounts of carbohydrates and protein which can keep our energy up.

6. Energy Bars

survival food bars

Ready to eat, survival food bars will provide you and your family with much-needed energy, nutrition, and calories in an emergency, and they usually stay fresh for at least six months. They’re an excellent source of carbohydrates.

7. Coffee

Many people rely on caffeine

Many people rely on caffeine to get through the day. Your survival chances are significantly higher with coffee than without. Coffee can help you stay alert, feel more full, improve water quality and much more. It’s a quick mood booster.

8. Basic Spices

sugar salt and pepper

We’re talking about sugar, salt, and pepper. Although cooking may be difficult in an emergency situation, these three spices are likely to help elevate any basic meal you might make into something more enjoyable. Also, you can pack oregano oil. It kills foot fungus.

9. Canned Soups and Chili

Soups and Chili

Soups and chili can be eaten straight out of the can and provide a variety of nutrients. When combined with the veggies and other things, you could make a decent stew that could keep you and your family well-fed. Eating 3-4 cans of very high sodium foods every day will wreck your body.

10. Canned Fish/Meat


As with all canned foods, these have quite a long shelf life and can really elevate the quality of your meals. The fish is full of healthy fats, a protein that will be helpful in a crisis.

11. Water


Although we take water for granted when things are functioning normally, a disaster could quickly render our normal water sources useless. We can’t survive very long without water-make sure you have a lot of it on hand.

12. Food for infants

infant food

Though this is especially important for anyone who as an infant in their family, baby food can also come in handy for adults as well. These meals offer a ton of variety and can serve as a quick and tasty snack.

suplement food

13. Supplements

Supplements will help replace the nutrients you would have consumed on a normal diet.

14. Vitamins

This one is similar to the supplements situation. Multivitamin supplements can help replace nutrients you’re missing.

15. Beef Jerky

beef jerky food

Beef jerky is delicious, a great source of protein and last for months. It is a simple, tasty food that will round out your survival kit. Beef Jerky is delicious and can be easily added to other foods for flavor and variety. Plus in a pinch, jerky can be made in the wild if needed, just like the Indians and Aztecs used to do hundreds of years ago.

16. Honey


It can be used for first aid in an emergency. It is antibacterial, and under certain circumstances, it can have a chemical reaction that slow-releases Hydrogen peroxide! Honey has carbohydrates that are equally divided into fructose and glucose and provides an instant boost of energy.

Being prepared is a 365-day-a-year activity. Take charge and take control to be as prepared as possible.
Make a list of everything in your stockpile and check expiration dates every 6 to 12 months to keep things fresh


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