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California residents cut water use by hefty 29% in May


California residents cut water use by hefty 29 percent in May

Amid one of California’s most trying times in history, its citizens are making great gains in conserving water. With an awesome report of 29% in residential water savings across the state during the month of May, the measures that have been taken are unprecedented. Many of these conservation efforts are due to aggressive reductions imposed on residents by Governor Jerry Brown.

According to numerous news resources and the state Water Resources Control Board, the aggressive campaign changes that have been made can be contributed to the following.

Environmental Programs and Residents Cut Water Usage 400

With a wide diversity of environmental programs in place, residents are being reached through ads in newspapers, mailers, and focused landscaping workshops. It is also important to note that more of California’s citizens are reporting incidents of waste to the city so that they can be corrected. According to the state’s data for the month of May, the city issued 35 warnings to those who were not complying to the conservations restrictions imposed.

Penalties Assessed and had dropped 29% Campaign Iniatitives

As a result of the latest imposed conservation restrictions, the total number of complaints increased substantially as well. From the month of April to May, these numbers increased to 2.5 times statewide. Of the total amount reported, 1786 resulted in penalties being assessed, approximately 59% being assessed in the city of Fresno.

Because California is now moving into its heaviest season for water usage, there are also additional measures being taken as well. Some of the most substantial include changing how each citizen waters their lawns. Typically, during the summer season, the lawn irrigations and usage adds up to approximately 80% of the water consumption. Addressing these problems aggressively is on the top list of conservation efforts, especially since campaigns have already been introduced to their residents about going gold. Led by campaigns that say, ‘let it go’ and ‘turn it off’, even the proudest homeowners are beginning to follow the new initiatives. One of the primary objectives of this type of campaign is for Californians to allow their landscape to transition from green to gold. As previously indicated, all of which are on the list to make sure that the city meets the requirements imposed by the governor.

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