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Cleanse Your Liver in Four Days


Cleanse Your Liver in Four Days

This article presents to you the most effective liver detoxification treatment with none special effort! It’ll cleanse your liver and improve your health. This may be done with regular consumption of raisins. The liver plays a crucial role in the body, by decomposing the toxic by-products. Bad diet, medications, alcohol, bacterial and infectious agent infections damage our health.

How to make the liver cleansing raisin treatment?

Take half a cup of raisins and soak them in water in the morning, right after awakening. Leave them to soak for quarter-hour then rinse them. Boil some water, leave it to cool down and put the raisins in it when it’s cooled. Leave the raisins like that for twenty-four hours.
The next morning, eat the raising and drink the liquid. Lay down for 1.5-2 hours, and hold a heat bottle of water on the correct side of the abdomen. Try this treatment once a week for a amount of 1 month. Repeat it twice a year max!

John Turner
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