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Egyptian Patrol Vessel Erupts in Huge Fireball


Egyptian Patrol Vessel Erupts in Huge FireballIt has been reported that in Egypt, just off the coast of the northern Sinai, militants with ties to the Islamic State (ISIS) have attacked a naval patrol ship in the Mediterranean. With the local coastguard attempting to engage the group, shots were levied back and forth during the attack. As there were no fatalities, all aboard have survived. However, there were minor burn injuries as a result of the terrorist attack.

Eyewitnesses have said the patrol boat noticed and engaged the group. Just after a rocket is reported to have been fired from the shore, sending the naval ship into flames. Witnesses say the vessel was attack at least two miles from the coast, though it is unclear precisely how far off the shore the attack took place. While other boats came to the rescue, it appeared that no hostages were taken in the altercation, and the aiding vessels assisted in putting out the fire and towing the boat back to the shore and to safety. It is unclear if any of the ISIS militants survived or were taken hostages after the incident.

So far, authorities are looking into whether or not ISIS was officially involved and if a rocket had actually been used during the terrorist attack. The incident is still under investigation to determine the specifics and who was responsible. As a routine patrol of the surrounding Egyptian waters, army and police personnel may have been on the boat, as they were frequently transported on it, and could be counted as some of those who survived. However, it was not made known exactly who composed the crew the day of the attack. The location is also considered a popular holiday spot for many British travelers to the area.

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