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Emergency Planning: Focusing on Preparation


Emergency Planning - Focusing on Preparation

Have you been asked by these questions before? What’s within your fridge right now? Is your dog food or cat food edible by humans? Do you have an emergency meeting place for your family?

Who’s going to get your children in school, in case, you did not make it? Do you even have dogs at home? Well, these questions might be some what intimidating, privacy intruding, and all the more, unusual for you to answer. But, if you’re familiar with emergency planning, you’ll instantly know that the inquirer may be talking your family’s preparation for emergency situations.

Emergency planning, sadly is one of the least focused aspects of family safety planning. Your family may have been through all kinds of safety activities such as engaging in seminars regarding family emergence response, you’ll have all the books of safety and emergency for homes, you could be installing the most high tech security and alarm system in your house, but if you don’t have an emergency plan when that dreaded day comes, it’d all be of no use.

Fortunately, you never have to add worry lines on your face. You can truly do something to prepare your people of worst case situations. Remember, that after you do emergency planning, you consider all the possible threats, calamities and disasters that may come. Home related emergencies may include the most common, electrical or fire accidents, physical accidents like falling from the stairs, to gas leak explosion, earthquake, typhoons and even burglar.

Your first step in emergency planning is to make a list of contacts to emergency units like the police, 911, fire department, hospital, clinic and technicians, just in case of electrical appliance accidents. Ensure that you offer speed dial numbers like 911. It’s also best to put this list beside the telephone table or in a place where telephone conversion is commonly held. The purpose of this can be for every member of the family to familiarize the numbers every time they pick up the phone.

Emergency exits must also be clearly laid out in case of home invasion. And don’t forget to orient each member of the family of a designed place wherever you’ll be meeting in case all members are not present during an emergency. it is also smart to recognize a relative leaving close as destination of refuge.

Finally, always keep and bring with you a family photo or individual photos of your family members. This can be helpful in times when a member is missing. Remember, that emergency planning isn’t just plain planning; it’s a preparation for emergency situations.

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