Essential Things to Pack in Your Hunting Backpack!

Essential Things to Pack in Your Hunting Backpack!

Your hunting trip can be exhilarating, only if you have the right tools and supplies! If you go on the hunting trip, without proper planning, you could be the one being hunted (and not the hunter)! Would you like that?! No one would! So, you need to pack right, and be ready for all adverse situations. These situations can be quite a pain, but that does not mean that you pack whatever you find. Over packing can be dangerous as well.

You are out on a hunting trip, not a vacation! You would want to pack light, but have all the essentials as well, like hunting knives and other gear. Hope you have a good idea about what goes into the backpack, and what stays out of it!

What Should You Consider Packing for Your Hunting Trip?

Most amateurs take hunting trips lightly. They do not understand, that, if you are not prepared for the hunting trip, it could cost them their life. Sounds dramatic? Well, maybe, but that is the truth! You need to know what your partner for a hunting trip should be, whether it should be a hunting knife or a survival knife. Here is a complete list of the things that you need at a hunting trip:

  1. Backpack: Start by choosing a sturdy and large (but, not too large) backpack. After all, this is what is going to be your closet for the next few days (and if something goes wrong, God forbid, who knows how long). So, pack it well. But, keep it simple. Finding the right thing at the right time can become a tedious task, if, the closet becomes stuffed with unnecessary stuff!
  2. Hunting Clothes: The weather might be hot and sultry, or, cold and wet. So, you need to run your checks, and know what weather to expect. This way you will never be wrong! You need the right clothes for the temperature you might have to face. It could be the difference between life and death.
  3. Hunting Equipment: Well, you are on a hunting trip! So, you will need to carry the right equipment. Here are the options:

Bows: This is a quiet and efficient way of hunting, if, you know how to shoot an arrow. If you do not have any idea about shooting arrows, then it is best to stick to the other two options. This requires a lot of skill and finesse, something that cannot be achieved without proper training.

Firearms: Shotguns and rifles are the most commonly used hunting firearms. You will need ample practice for this as well, but a little less than a bow and arrow. Another major issue is the noise! It can scare away the prey, if you miss the first time. So, you need to aim carefully, and kill in one swift shot!

Knives: The previous two are long range hunting equipment. Knives are more close-combat, but you will never miss. All you need to do is be careful, and move stealthily towards the prey. Once you come close enough, you can complete the hunt with one slice! Other than that, the knife can also be used to put a prey out of its misery once you have shot it with a firearm or arrow. If you go to a reputed store for the knives, you will have a knife that can also be used for bushcraft skills and survival.

Other than these essentials you will also need a few essentials like:                            

  1.  Rain Gear                                                                                                                                                                  
  2.  Tarp for building shelter                                                                                                                           
  3.  First aid kit
  4.  Paracord
  5.  Weapon Maintenance Kits
  6.  GPS Systems (also a compass, in case the GPS system stops working or gets wrecked)
  7.  Duct tape, Electrical tape and Bandaging tape
  8.  Folding knife (if possible, visit a reputed store for all kinds of knives, even the hunting knives.
  9.  Food Packets & Cans
  10. Wind meter
  11. Lighting & Fire Lighting Equipment


Hopefully, now you are equipped to have a successful hunting trip. So, head out on your hunting trip completely ready to take on any challenge that nature can throw at you!


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