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Five Goods to Store in Your Car in Case of Emergencies


Five Goods to Store in Your Car in Case of EmergenciesThere are some key items that every person should keep in their vehicle for emergencies. If someone becomes stranded, this stuff can help keep them alive until help arrives. The most vital factor is to prepare ahead of time because nobody knows when their vehicle may break down, or a natural disaster will strand them without help.

FEMA suggests the people who are preparing for emergency situations keep at least a half a gallon of water accessible per person. The minimum amount of time to prepare for is 3 days. Keeping canned goods on hand is incredibly useful because they stay sealed, can be heated over a fire, and may be eaten cold if necessary. Federal Emergency Management Agency also says that each person should have enough food for at least one full meal daily to maintain strength and energy levels in an emergency situation. Emergency food is a vital part of being prepared for the unexpected. A can opener and a knife are different handy items to stay with food stores.

People should keep a first aid kit in their vehicle and home at all times. There should be bandages, gauze, antiseptic, tape, scissors, antibiotic cream, tweezers, Q-tips or cotton balls, Benadryl and plastic bags in an emergency aid kit. Any scrapes or cuts will be cleansed and treated quickly if the necessary provides are available. If an allergic reaction happens from being stranded in an area where allergens are present, then the person will counteract the reaction with Benadryl. This medication is a very vital step for people who are severely allergic to anything in nature like bees or poison ivy. The plastic bags will be used as a clean surface while bandaging a wound.

  • Bible

A Christian can continuously need to stay an extra Bible handy to help offer them strength through the powerful time of being stranded. Verses on perseverance are useful to read in times of despair. The Bible also gives the person something to do to stay their mind off from the danger they’re in when emergencies hit.

Besides keeping a torch and extra batteries handy, it’s also vital to own an extra power supply like a jump pack or 12-volt battery. The battery pack can be used to offer the automobile a jump in cold weather to help keep folks heat. The alternative power supply can also serve to power cell phones to require help. Another advantage of getting another power supply is the ability to use it to create a spark to make a fire for heat. The fire that may be created from the jump pack can also be used to signal for help just in case there aren’t any cell signals.

Another set of items to stay in a vehicle in case of being stranded are additional blankets, coats, gloves, hats, and scarves. People who are move in the winter or in places wherever the temperatures drop in the night must always have heat items to shield them from hypothermia. Clothing are often layered for comfort and heat while waiting for help. Every one should have at least one heat blanket prepared just in case of emergencies.

Keeping an emergency kit in the trunk lets people travel with ease. People ne’er understand when they may get stuck in an area where there’s very little or no help near. Items in the emergency kit should be stored in a cool, dry container like a massive storage tote. Using massive Ziplock bags for clothing storage could be a great way to protect items in case of a flood or a leak in the trunk.

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