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Five Reasons You Have a Flashlight in Your EDC Kit


Five Reasons You Have a Flashlight in Your EDC Kit

The contents of your every day Carry, or EDC are something that’s very specific to your personal needs and ability to carry things. If you carry a backpack around everywhere then your EDC can be significantly larger than someone just working with his or her pockets, making this a truly unique setup for each person.

There are some key items you should always include in an EDC setup though, including a knife/multitool, small notepad, and a flashlight amongst others. While vastly useful and vital, many people skimp on the flashlight in their EDC setup, leaving it out due to size and weight restraints, but the flashlight is a tool that’s not only helpful for seeing in the dark, but for self defense and security, too. Still not convinced? Well, in case you aren’t, here ar five reasons why a flashlight needs to be a part of your EDC.

1. Seeing in the Dark

The most basic use of a flashlight is for seeing in the dark, and this is way more necessary than you think. From changing a tire on the aspect of the road at night to finding everything that fell out of your pocket in the dark, having a flashlight on hand is pretty helpful.

Sure, your phone probably features a built-in light, however what if your phone dies? Then you’re stuck. For safety and convenience, having a small tactical flashlight with you all the time is pretty necessary.

2. Safely Performing Tasks

Speaking of changing tires, there are quite few tasks that can cause harm or get you hurt if you can’t see what you’re doing. For instance, what happens when you need to jump-start a car in the dark? Hooking the terminals up incorrectly can harm your car or maybe cause the battery to explode.

More focused on survival, if you’re stuck in the woods at night, a flashlight is important to assist you build a shelter and begin a fire. Without a source of light, you could not safely achieve either of these. Even hooking up cables to your television is best done with some light. In short, be safe and use a flashlight.

3. Identify Threats

Sure, flashlights are great for seeing in the dark, but if you’re in a dangerous situation you can use your flashlight to identify a threat. Whether it’s an animal or another person, being able to see your target is important.

If you can’t see your target you can easily end up hurting somebody that isn’t a threat or allowing someone to get close that definitely is one. Having a light on you at all times helps you to know who’s coming close quickly and easily.

4. Shock and Disorient Attackers

You can actually use your flashlight as an offensive weapon, too. In a dark scenario shining a bright light in someone’s eyes will definitely do them harm. Not only will it shock them, however it’ll ruin their vision for some time after, giving you a chance to attack or get away.

Hitting someone with a bright beam of light can disorient your attacker as he or she spins away type the flash. This turns them around and gives you even more time for fight or flight to kick in.

5. Use as an Actual Weapon

Finally, if you choose a proper plan of action flashlight you can use the light itself as a weapon. Many tactical lights have a raised end around the light finish, giving you something that can be gouged with.

Most lights are also heavy to an extent, making them excellent for hitting somebody with. Each of these combined give you one extra weapon in your arsenal. While not the most effective weapon around, it’s great as a last resort.

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