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Five Tips to Make Prepping Easier


Five Tips to Make Prepping Easier

No one who decides to begin prepping thinks it’ll be a simple feat. Prepping isn’t something you do because it’s a quick and easy win. If it was, I’d argue that a lot a lot of individuals would be doing it.

Prepping is hard. I’ve said it time and time again, and I’m not anywhere done saying it yet. There are so many excuses a person can come up with for not taking reparedness seriously – numerous “reasons” not to prep. But once the chips are down, you’ll chalk all those reasons down to one simple umbrella statement: prepping is hard.

Why Prepping Is Hard

Why it’s so hard to be serious regarding preparedness is up for debate, but in my opinion, two simple factors make it as hard as it is:

  • Prepping encompasses a lot of different topics (outdoor skills, first aid, personal finance, self-sufficiency, etc.), and
  • We’re limited. Limited by a lack of time time, energy, funds, ability to concentrate, and a slew of other things.

While, for me, it’s simple to pinpoint why prepping is so hard, it’s another story taking this data of the difficult aspects of prepping to show them on their head and try to make prepping easier.

See it’s not like acknowledging that prepping encompasses a heck of lots of different topics helps us to be ready to gain experience or information in those different fields.

Similarly, acknowledging the fact that we’re limited doesn’t help make us any less limited. We still have budgets, time constraints, energy drains, and all that different annoying stuff to worry about, no matter the fact that we understand these limitations are actively working toward making prepping harder.

How to Make Prepping Easier

These aren’t shortcuts to changing into a successful prepper. Realistically, unless you win the lottery – are awarded with a heck of lots of money, use that money to make up a stockpile, get to quit your day job and use the extra time to devote yourself fully to learning new things regarding prepping – sad to say there really aren’t any shortcuts.

These aren’t tips that will make prepping really easy that your neighbour, who’s been prepper shaming you for “wasting” all your hard earned money and all the extra free time you’ve got, will now change her mind about the whole damn issue and wish to join you in prepping.

These methods of making prepping easier don’t take away the fact that you have to see worth in prepping and really have the motivation to try to become a much better prepper/survivalist in order to succed.

And these methods definitely don’t take away from the fact that preparedness could be a life-style, and not merely something that can be “completed” ever, only something that you will be ready to improve upon more and more as time, energy, effort, and funds are poured into your prepper projects.

Here are my ideas;

1. Teach yourself the things you’re most interested and passionate about first.

It helps you to keep momentum. Try  to learn about beginning a prepper garden would be like pulling a tooth. There are numerous totally different aspects to prepping that it really should be simple to find at least one that you’d be fascinated in beginning to study first. Don’t try forcing yourself to begin prepping by doing the “hard stuff” before the “easy stuff.” Start with those things that come naturally to you, and feel more fun, and prepping will become much easier to do.

2. If you’re prepping in a group, divide up tasks.

I don’t need to worry about researching gear because if I did it and he did it, we’d, in my opinion, be wasting our efforts on each doing identical task.

I’m into gardening and he hates it – clear who’s going to be doing what there. And since he knows most regarding first aid, he’ll continue to learn a lot of about it and be ready to teach me what’s vital for me to understand along the way.

Dividing up tasks if you’re prepping in a exceedingly group is an completely wonderful way to cover a lot of ground, get more done, and not get burned out as simply. Everyone has their own unique interests and excels at various things – divvy up the responsibilities supported that and you’ll be feeling your preps are doing lots smoother sailing.

3. Start with easy preps.

Again along similar lines, begin with prepping what’s best for you to do first. Not only do I mean this in terms of beginning with what you find a lot of fun and interesting, as I said in point #1 before, but if there’s a prep you’ll quickly knock out of the way – do it! You’ll gain momentum from the small wins, as it’s encouraging to see a large quantity of progress made over a brief amount of time and with minimal energy and funds. The small wins will assist you to keep going, and will make prepping feel a lot easier than if you’re working on huge, difficult projects to begin with.

If you’re not a beginner, try doing some easier or a lot of fun preps alongside the hard ones. If you’re performing on a single large, difficult prepper project that’s pretty draining, doing more quick, short, and fun tasks simultaneously will really help take the bite out of the frustration you might feel for having to figure on such a large, daunting prepper project where you won’t be seeing results quickly.

4. Find a group of people who will encourage you and help congratulate you on your success at prepping.

Prepping is so much harder to do alone than it’s in a group, however if nobody around you is interested in prepping and sees the worth in it, it can be difficult to reap the advantages from prepping in a group.

Your group doesn’t have to be massive, however if you find even one or 2 people that will encourage you and help to congratulate you on your successes, help teach you new things and spur you on to continue progressing with regards to your preps, it can be an enormous boon to your motivation and can build prepping feel one heck of a lot easier.

If you don’t know any of these kinds of people yet – don’t stress. You’re online, and that means you’re open to a world of possibilities when it comes to finding the right people to assist you on your journey toward turning into a higher prepper. Find the kind of community you’d like to be a part of, introduce yourself to the already formed group, begin sharing your information and success stories, and in no time I’m sure you’ll find that you’ve formed a group of cheerleaders around you who can assist you when you’re down and be sincerely happy for your success when you’ve accomplished your goals with regards to prepping. A good group will help the great times feel even higher and will make the hard times a lot easier to weather.

5. When you first start prepping, start by investing in cheaper products.

Don’t break the bank – not ever. There are a lot of affordable ways to go regarding prepping, from buying low-cost and affordable priced survival gear, to stockpiling for free or next to nothing – hell there are many ways to even build up your gear and household product stockpile or food stockpile frugally. When you’re on a budget, don’t dip into your emergency funds in order to prep. Those emergency savings are a crucial prep in themselves and indubitably will prove to be quite valuable sooner or later. Stick to buying cheaper gear till you’ve got your basic ground covered when it involves prepping.

Once your basic preps are covered, you can begin to replace the cheaper products you bought with higher quality things as time goes obtain. If you even need to that’s. Replace your cheaper survival gear with more expensive survival gear down the road, as you have got more funds to work with and, like I keep saying, after you’ve covered all your bases with cheap gear first. That way, you won’t be stressing out over cash, and stockpiling survival gear will feel a lot easier than if you were to own to splurge on the more expensive gear first. You’ll also cover more bases this way, as saving up for one very expensive piece of kit will stop you from obtaining different gear which may come in handy even thought it might not last you forever or be the type of gear you’ll keep for an eternity.

There are such a lot of reasons to prep, though even if you know all the good perks to prepping, that doesn’t make prepping any easier. These tips, however, I believe will really help to create prepping feel a lot less like a task that must get done, and a lot more like the completely doable lifestyle choice that it’s.

It’s not impossible to be a prepper, it’s just hard. And if you’ll make the hard a little less exhausting, there’s absolutely no harm in that. Make prepping a little easier and you’re probably to have a lot more success as a prepper. Learning and growing as a survivalist doesn’t have to be as difficult as it sometimes looks!

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