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Get Rid Of Mold And Moisture In Your Home


Get Rid Of Mold And Moisture In Your Home

Have you ever found yourself in a situation to notice dark spots on the wallpaper, the curtain of the shower cabin or the joints in the bathroom? Most likely, it’s a fungus or mold and it represents a danger to our health. They’re a sign of excessive humidity in our home. Often the culprit is the shower head, you need to shop for the best shower head because leaky or malfunctioning plumbing is usually the cause.

What is needed for the development of these fungi and mold?

  • A certain amount of moisture
  • A certain room temperature
  • Contact with oxygen
  • Specific fertile soil

What should you do?

Although there are some ways and products to combat this problem, the 100 percent alcohol is suggested by several as the best and most effective (or, at least, easiest to use) method. If you do not have or cannot obtain it, experts suggest using at least eightieth alcohol, as alcohol dilutes the moisture where it’s applied as well.

Other methods that are recommended and are alright known, but shouldn’t be used too usually is a five-hitter solution of hydrogen peroxide and household cleaners with chlorine which need professional use as chlorine adversely affects human health.

Role of moisture

One of the most important rules in the “fight” against mold and fungi is preventing their creation. Moisture and its deposition in the house under normal conditions can be prevented by heating and ventilation. Moreover, the walls must be able to absorb a certain amount of moisture.

With a correct care, maintenance, ventilation and heating of the home, you may largely maintain moisture in the normal allowable limits. The relative humidity in the home should be 65-70%. It’s extremely important that the moisture that forms due to certain household activities (showering, cooking, washing) is regularly aired.

The cold air from outside which enters during ventilation can become warm later by heating the room, adjusts to moisture and leaves the room. Cold air entering from outside into a warm room is in a good condition to dry the space even in a period when the weather is rainy. The cooler the air, the more moisture it can bind to itself. Therefore, ventilation of the room in winter is possible to remove more moisture than in the summer.

Proper cleaning

Cleaning isn’t as easy a task as it appears at first look. Incompetent cleaning will extend this issue through all the housing and the damage will be greater than the benefits. As an example, if you have mold or fungi on the wallpaper, you need to get rid of it entirely from the wall, clean it- it’s recommended to spray the problematic areas with water or with any other chemical (maybe Domestos) and not to wipe them, as the spores would spread throughout the living area. After a while, as soon as the sprayed area is dried, apply some color that contains a fungicide

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