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How can cigarettes save your life


How can cigarettes save your life

If you’ve ever been walking along a trail in the woods, the beach, or any outdoor area and have seen the litter of cigarette butts polluting the ground, then you’re not alone. The tobacco industry is one of the most lucrative businesses in the world despite the general public understanding the health effects that cigarettes and other tobacco products can cause.

However, cigarettes offer more than the application of smoking them. And with boxes and crates of cigarettes sold in almost every kind of retail store across the country, it would be useful to understand what alternative applications they hold. How will cigarettes save your life?


Currency could be one thing that no longer exists after a major collapse of civilization. Items that people take for granted like coffee, sugar, and other non-essential food items will become increasingly scarce. And despite the lack of supply you’ll find that people will still crave these merchandise. The disappearance of the availability doesn’t cause the evaporation of the desire. You’ll find that people are more than willing to trade the garments off their backs for just one more smoke. Use their addiction to your advantage. You’ll exchange packs of cigarettes for food, water, or medicine. Not a bad trade, particularly if you don’t even smoke.

Insect Bites

Survival in the wild means that dealing with annoying pests that bite, sting, and pinch. while most bug bites are non-lethal, they’ll still cause discomfort. A wet wad of tobacco can assist you with that. A similar chemicals that provide smokers their buzz can provide your bug bites soothing relief. Just take the tobacco out of the cigarette, wet it, and apply to the area on your skin where the irritation occurs.


During a serious societal collapse one of your biggest obstacles, besides obtaining fresh water, will be food. While canned foods, MRE’s, and other packaged rations can sustain you for a long time, it’s vital to own a well-rounded diet. a great way to facilitate therewith is having your own garden. Now, when a disaster strikes you won’t be ready to run to your local store and grab a can of pesticides. But if you have a pack of cigarettes have no worry. Dumping the tobacco from the cigarettes into a spray bottle and then diluting the tobacco with water can offer you your own homemade pesticide. You’ll apply the spray to assist defend your crops from harmful critters. Just keep in mind to rinse any of the crops you spray before consuming them.

Stop Bleeding

When you’re running around in the wild you’re bound to get some scrapes on the manner, and even small wounds can pose a threat in a survival scenario. Taking alittle poultice of tobacco and applying it to small cuts will help staunch hemorrhage. However, we would only suggest this application to smaller wounds. This will not work with severe hemorrhage.

Muscle Relaxer

The aches and strains of working and/or living outdoors can cause muscle injuries. Identical methodology for cuts can be applied for muscle pains. Gathering the tobacco from cigarettes and making alittle wet wad and applying it to the injured space can offer relief. It can be helpful substitute when your ancient medical supplies run low.


Professional medical facilitate may be hard to come by, especially with dentists. The most effective way to stop toothaches is to ensure you’re taking the right preventative steps of brushing and flossing, but during a disaster it may be difficult to maintain. If you come across tooth pain applying tobacco to the area can offer temporary relief. However, proceed with caution. Prolonged use can cause the same chemicals that offer relief to work against you.


A cigarette offers a variety of ways to start a fire. The paper shell, tobacco, or filter are all extremely flammable. It’s a fast and easy way to get a fire going. Cigarettes are also helpful for preserving embers. This makes transporting fire from one camp to the next very easy.

Water Filter

Clean water will be vital in survival situations. The filters inside cigarettes will facilitate with that. You’ll place the cigarette’s filter in a straw or reed to collect the water. Now, the cigarette’s filter won’t protect you against microscopic organisms that may be in the water, however it’ll definitely clear out most of the dirt and other sediment. Just keep in mind to remove the tobacco from the cigarette before attempting to drain anything through its filter.

While cigarettes are knowingly harmful to the human body, they’re not without their uses. Taking the time to search out simple products found in local convenience stores and discovering various uses for them can be incredibly valuable. You never know what kind of resources you’ll have around you during a disaster that could assist you survive. So whether you’re stocking up on supplies for bartering or first aid, ensure you experiment with each item’s applications.

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