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How to Find the Right Contractor


How to Find the Right ContractorI’m back with some great tips from my renewable energy guru neighbor Bob! Hope you calculated how much energy you need by now, because now I’m gonna tell you how to find someone who can help you with installing your renewable energy system.

If you are like I am, the idea of installing renewable energy technology in your home is very appealing, but finding the right resources and contractors to complete the installation can be such a drag. Here are some tips for finding the right renewable energy contractor to complete the renewable energy technology installation in your home:

Settle for the one who can provide renewable energy consultancy

As any homeowner who has worked with a contractor knows, it can be very important to rely on the expertise and experience of a contractor for help ensuring that a project is completed successfully. Therefore, when looking for renewable energy solutions, be sure to vet your potential green energy contractors based on their abilities to provide guidance in selecting the best renewable energy technologies.

To find the right contactor, just ask them a few simple questions in advance of your first meeting with them, such as “How can I know which solar energy solution is best for my home?” Also, be sure that you do enough research to realize if he’s actually what you’re looking for. A good response to the above question would likely involve recommendations for various pricing structures, power generation capabilities, and structural requirements.

Previous experience matters

Especially with green energy solutions, chances are good that you may come across very capable contractors who may not have much experience with green energy solutions. In such a case, you may think that a contractor without specific green energy experience is not right for you. However, because the renewable energy market is burgeoning—and continuing to develop at a rapid pace—you may find that previous experience in this market is not critical.

What is critical, however, is a contractor’s experience with a wide variety of home improvement projects. Specifically for renewable energy solutions, you’ll need to work with a contractor who understands energy as well as engineering and construction. Make sure that your contactor can not only look at your energy requirements, but can also look at the structure of your home and determine what can be implemented and how.

Ask for a license

You’ll notice that many renewable energy contractors have a variety of certifications. Some renewable energy contractors have specific green energy certifications, such as LEED certification, as well. A LEED certification is not a necessary requirement when looking for and hiring a green energy contractor. However, you’ll want to be sure that your contractor is licensed and insured in whichever tasks he or she will complete, no matter what home improvements you hire him to bring.

For example, if your contractor will be working with the electrical system of your home, your contractor should have an electrical license. Look through your state, local, and federal licensing requirements, as well as the requirements stipulated in your homeowner’s insurance contract for details about licensing requirements and restrictions for contactors working in your home.

Finding the right green energy contractor for your renewable energy installation projects can take some time, as you want to be careful to review and select your options diligently. Selecting the right contractor can help to ensure that your green energy installation project is not only completed on time and within your budget, but that it is also completed in a way that will ensure that you get the maximum value from your investment into renewable energy technology.

I hope this will be helpful for when you’ll want to install that renewable energy system. Stay tuned because I’m gonna come back with priceless information on solar panel batteries!

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