How to Make an Archery Target for Practicing at Home

How to Make an Archery Target for Practicing at Home

Description: Using the right archery target for practice is very enjoyable; however, good archery targets can be expensive! We are going to share a couple of ways that you can make an archery target that works great and won’t break the bank.




You want to practice your archery skills as much as possible!

Putting in long practice hours requires a high-quality archery target that can stand up to the use or a less expensive target that can often be replaced.

Many of us want a target at home, but don’t make the mistake of using a substandard target based on whatever you have lying around. We know from experience how easy it is to ruin your shafts, tips, and fletching by using the wrong target.

Taking the time to build a high-quality target ensures that you end up with a great archery target that will not damage your arrows and will last for many practice sessions.

You can also go for the quick and easy archery target of having materials stuffed into a box. If done correctly this target is safe for your arrows but will need to be replaced more frequently.

We detail how to make either of these targets below so that you can choose whichever method suits your needs.

Method 1: Making a cheap box target


 What you’ll need

Cardboard box

  • Shrink wrap or plastic bags
  • Duct tape
  • Packing tape


 Get a large cardboard box

The first step is getting a large box that will be used to make the target box. Make sure that the box is at least 12 inches deep to help with stopping arrows. For higher-velocity bows, get a box that is 18 inches or more.

This method might not be best for those looking to fire high powered crossbows or compound bows, but the effectiveness of the target will be based on the quantity of material used to fill the box.

Stuff the box with shrink wrap

This step is straightforward but important in making sure that the box has enough stopping power for your arrows. It should not be hard to get shrink wrap as most stores dispose of large quantities. Most would even give it to you for free.

Another alternative to shrink wrap it’s to use plastic bags or insulation foam.  the box with the material as much as possible to get as much don’t

Seal the box

With enough foam or shrink wrap in the box, the next thing you have to do is seal the box. Sealing helps keep the stuffed material in the box even after you start using it as a target. You simply have to use the packing tape or duct tape to get the job done.

Just like that, you have safely completed your new archery target! You need to test it by placing it in an open area with no one close by. If the box can stop the arrows effectively, then you are ready to start using it for further practice.

Method 2: Making a durable target


 What you’ll need


  • Wood screws
  • Chicken wire
  • Shrink wrap
  • Ground cloth


 Create a frame

You will build a wooden frame for this method. Building a frame will be a more durable option and should be good for several months of practice without having to change it. As for the frame, make sure to use a 2×12 lumber. Making the frame 12’’ deep should give the arrow enough room for it to stop in time. This width should be sufficient for most types of arrows.

If you want to keep it outdoors and have it last for long, then you should use treated wood. We recommend buying treated wood or treating the wood yourself so that you can always enjoy using it.

Prepare the frame for stuffing

Just like we did in the first method, you will stuff the target to give it stopping power. Depending on the material you are using will determine the method you use to keep the stuffing together.

If you are using a loose material you need to cover both the front and back openings with chicken wire. Make sure to use enough staples to keep the chicken wire in place once you fill the target with stuffing.

Get the stuffing materials

When it comes to the stuffing materials, there are many options. Shrink wrap or other plastic is still a good option for this method. You can also use old blankets, carpets, shredded rubber, or clothing.

For clothing, make sure to avoid double layer material as it can lead to the arrow sticking in the target at times. Proceed to stuff the frame with the the chosen material and make sure to compress the stuffing as much as possible.

Cover one side for shooting

To finish off the target have the shooting surface covered. Covering the surface will make the target more presentable. We recommend covering your target with ground cloth or Tyvek. You should now be ready to start practicing!


We hope that you enjoy making your own archery target! Let us know how it goes or if you have any creative ideas that you have used in the past for previous archery targets. Now get out there and practice, Archery season is just around the corner!

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