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How to Reinforce Your Doors for Better Security


How to Reinforce Your Doors for Better Security

When a thief targets a house, one of the most obvious areas that they’ll search for a weakness is in the doors. You may merely upgrade the locks however there are extra things that you will do even on a budget that can reinforce your doors for higher security.

Criminals now no longer spend the time that they perhaps once did in order to choose the lock and gain a quiet entry. Now, they’ll merely kick the door in if need be and not care regarding the noise that they make. During this guide we will be looking at some alterations that you will build to strengthen your home.

Deadbolt strike plate

This is the piece of metal wherever the deadbolt latch secures in to the door frame. These aren’t usually very robust at all and are sometimes only ever any good for holding the door closed. It’d not take a really strong kick to get through this alone during a forced entry. The strike plate should be replaced for a stronger box strike model with longer screws and a full metal enclosure.

Door Reinforcement Kit

By replacing your strike plate you’re adding security however that alone won’t stop a determined thief as the strike plate is sometimes only attached to wood that’s around an inch thick. It should take a lot of effort but the door can still be kicked in.

This is where a door reinforcement kit comes in to play to allow the door to resist forceful entry. I like to recommend looking in to purchasing a Door Devil or a Strike Master II that adds a layer of steel to prevent the frames from splitting.

Replace the Doors

Now i would like to talk regarding the doors themselves. If your entry doors ar hollow core they need to get replaced as soon as possible with either solid wood doors or metal doors. These do come at an expense but are a lot stronger than hollow core models. For the most effective protection, look for models that are hurricane-rated.

Door Hinges

If the hinges of your doors are exposed they need to be modified. If a door swings outwards when it’s opened, a thief will attack the weak points which are the hinges. You’ve got three choices in this case: setscrew in the hinge, fast-riveted pins, and safety studs. Whichever choice you select, the hinges will be protected from an intruder.

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