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Israeli Prime Minister Rejects to Absorb Some Migrants


Israeli Prime Minister Rejects to Absorb Some MigrantsHead of administration Benjamin Netanyahu rejected calls from opposition leaders to help assimilate a percentage of the Center Eastern migrants flooding Europe, saying Sunday that Israel was too small to take them in.

The head of administration said Israel isn’t indifferent to the human tragedy of the refugees but “Israel is a small country, very small. It does not have demographic depth. It does not have geographic depth.

That is why we have to control our borders against both illegal work infiltrators and instigators of terror,” Mr. Netanyahu included, alluding to African migrants who have entered Israel from Egypt as of late and to Islamist activists. “We will not allow Israel to be flooded with illegal migrants and terrorists.

Israel has designed a fence on its border with Egypt to stem the flow of tens of thousands of Africans crossing from the Sinai Peninsula. Another barrier has gone up on the frontier of the Israeli-annexed golan heights to stop effect of the war in Syria and militant attacks.

Mr. Netanyahu said work was starting Sunday on another security wall along the southern outskirt with Jordan, where another global air terminal is being to built.

The migrant crisis in Europe has prompted calls in Israel — established as a haven for Jews after the Holocaust — to open the country’s gates and facilitate absorb a number of the refugees from Syria and different nations.

Resistance leader Isaac Herzog said that Jewish chronicled experience obliged Israel to show extraordinary affectability to the situation of the migrants.

Jews cannot be indifferent when hundreds of thousands of refugees are seeking safe haven,” Mr. Herzog, leader of the center-left Zionist Union party, wrote in a Facebook post Saturday. “Our people have experienced firsthand the silence of the world and cannot be indifferent to the rampant murder and slaughter in Syria.

Citing Israel’s acceptance of over three hundred refugees from Vietnam within the late 1970s, Mr. Herzog said Israel should be part of international efforts to absorb the present wave of migrants and settle for a restricted range.

Mr. Netanyahu said Israel has treated regarding 1,000 Syrians wounded in fighting close to the Golan Heights frontier. The Syrian casualties, civilians and anti-government fighters, are inbound for more than 2 years, returning to Syria when treatment in Israeli hospitals.

The Israeli government has return underneath criticism for its treatment of some 45,000 African migrants, largely from eritrea and Sudan, who stay in limbo. while it’s avoided deporting the Eritreans and Sudanese to their countries of origin, Israel has refused to grant them asylum, detaining thousands and pressing several to depart to different African states.

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