NASA Study Predicts 100 Years Of Mega-Drought

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NASA Study Predicts 100 Years Of Mega-Drought

Scientists are predicting that there is a drought on the way that will affect the entire continent of North America, from Canada to Mexico.

The water supply will be adversely affected by this drought, of which one occurs once every hundred years or so and has nothing to do with “global warming” at all. Such a drought struck North America a thousand years ago and killed thousands of people, animals and plants all across the continent.

Because of these droughts, no true civilization comparable to those in the ancient Near East and Egypt or in medieval Europe arose north of what is now Mexico. It was not until the Europeans came and developed modern methods of producing and transporting water that the modern way of life to which we have all grown accustomed became a possibility.

The water supply is already decreasing: The level in Lake Mead, the biggest reservoir in the United States, is lower than it has ever been since it was first dug in 1930. Water saving will thus be more urgent than ever, and a special report called World War Water has been issued to tell families how to build their own water dynamos at home.

The documentation can be accessed online at the website of Megadrought USA and consists of two practical guides called How to Secure and Store Your Water Reserves (which discusses the tools and equipment needed) and How to Purify and Mineralize Water (on how to transform water of any kind so that it becomes drinkable).


For those who want the cleanest water supplies, “World War Water is the ideal solution. People can save money by following the directions outlined in the guide, and if not satisfied, there is a 100% returns guarantee. The directions must, however, be followed correctly for the results to be achieved.

Want to find out more about this?

Here’s just a glimpse at what building your own “H2O Dynamo” does for you and what’s inside the “World War Water” special guide:
  • The H2O Dynamo taps into a virtually unlimited supply of fresh, crystal-clear, healthy water because the device collects moisture from the air, even in the driest deserts of Israel, andtransforms it into water. It’s an endless reservoir of fresh H2O. And you’ll discover how to put together your own H2O Dynamo for under $300 in under 30 minutes of your time.
  • Not only will you have a fool-proof way to keep your family healthy and hydrated… but this is the ultimate currency in a drought-stricken America. It’s like having a gold-mine in your backyard… The H2O Dynamo can actually make you a profitwhen a gallon of water will cost more than oil.
  • YES! You can even improve your health drinking the H2O Dynamo water because more oxygenated H2O benefits your metabolism.
  • The entire H2O Dynamo system weights under 6 pounds, so you can put it in a backpack and “bug out” you ever want to… Without having to drag around gallons of water and break your back whenever you go camping.
  • If space is a problem for you you’ll never have to worry again about storing water because you only have to turn on the H2O Dynamo… and it will make water on demand. Or if you want to store water all you need to do is leave it on… and it will make as much water as you need.
  • And just imagine never having to buy another bottle of water in your entire life. You’ll be able to immediately cut your water bill by up to 90% and save thousands of dollars.

That’s just a taste of the H2O Dynamo does for you…

It’s an easy to follow, step-by-step video showing you how to make your own “H2O Dynamo“. The instructions are so easy anyone can follow them. They wore made especially for beginners and the authors decided to put together a video guide to make it even easier for everybody. You’ll be amazed how quickly you can put together your own “H2O Dynamo“, how easy it is… and what it can do for you…

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