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Nine Ways To Defend Yourself Without A Gun


Nine Ways To Defend Yourself Without A Gun

Concealed carry is on the rise, but, sadly, we may not always have access to firearms for self-defense. Below are nine totally different items that can be used effectively as self-defense weapons. These tools are also small and lightweight so you’ll carry them easily and discreetly with you wherever you go.

  1. Knife

This is probably the first weapon besides a gun that comes to mind. The knife, whether it’s a small pocket knife or a larger, fixed-bladed one, may be a very commonplace tool because almost everybody has at least one or two of them. While larger knives will draw attention to you, there are many smaller knives that can be simply concealed on your person. I recommend a folding knife with a serrated blade that may be opened and closed quickly.

  1. Tactical pen

While it’s true that any pen can technically be used as a stabbing weapon, tactical pens are better for this purpose. Tactical pens differ from regular pens in that they’re made out of a very durable metal and the finish of the pen has a sharp edge that can be used for protection.

  1. Pepper or wasp spray

Both pepper and wasp spray are non-lethal weapons that serve as effective deterrents because they inflict significant irritation to the mouth and eyes.

While the active ingredients don’t usually lose their sting and can be stored for a long time, keep in mind they don’t perform well in all conditions, like rainy weather.

  1. Flashlight

A durable flashlight — like a My Personal Defender — can hit hard and give you plenty of reach, permitting you to fend off assailants with something that has the “punch” of a baseball bat. The My Personal Defender actually has a telescoping feature that extends it to over a foot.

  1. Stun gun

A stun gun is going to do just as the name suggests and purchase you some time to get away to safety. While they’re usually designed to look like traditional guns, several models are designed to not look like weapons and can be carried discreetly, without drawing attention to yourself. They also work in the rain whereas pepper or wasp spray don’t. Of course, they aren’t legal in all states.

  1. Keychain knuckles

Keychain knuckles are easily the most effective self-protection weapon that can be attached to your keychain. They have sharp edges and are made out of a virtually unbreakable plastic. In addition, they’re very lightweight and deliver a brutal punch.

  1. Belt

The belt is one of the most common things, and it can be used just as well for protection as it will for holding up your pants, but only if you have the proper kind of belt and know what you’re doing.

The metal buckle not only delivers damage to an opponent, however will keep him or her at bay if you’ve wrapped the other end around your fist.

  1. Umbrella

Just as there are certain pens that are built for self-defence, there also are umbrellas that are designed for a similar reason. The difference between self-defence umbrellas and regular ones is that the former are constructed out of a fiberglass material that’s each lightweight and offers the same hardness as steel.

  1. Rock

If you have literally nothing else to use as a self-defense weapon, look for a rock. You’ll pick up a rock with a sharp edge to use as a knife-like weapon, or a rounded one to use as a club in your hand.

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