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Outdoor Toilet Paper Alternatives


Outdoor Toilet Paper Alternatives

All too usually toilet paper is truly needed in an emergency situation. While out camping, hiking, or exploring the outdoors, the instant feeling of regret is felt once it’s been realized that the toilet paper has been forgotten. Even the experienced camper and outdoorsman will forget this important item from time to time. Fortunately tho’, there are several solutions that can be used as another to toilet paper if it’s been accidentally left behind.

Already Packed Items

If toilet paper has been forgotten, some other packed items might come in helpful as an alternative. Some items that may be packed, especially during camping trips, is also coffee filters. Coffee filters are great to use as an alternative to toilet paper because they come in large quantities as well as they can be easily packed and take up little space.

Napkins are also another great various that might also be found packed in a day bag or amongst the camping gear. As well as pages from a phonebook. If a phonebook is nearby or available be sure to tear out the pages and store them in a dry place if toilet paper isn’t any longer an choice.

Available Items

If some of these haven’t been packed than another different can be used which is very helpful if additional items are scarce. For example, if only out hiking for a day items like rags or towels may be used, strips of clothing or even torn clothing, and as a last resort; socks. In an emergency situation, particularly if home is within a days’ reach, socks may be a really efficient alternative.

Surprisingly the packaging from some packaged goods can also be used as an alternative to toilet paper. If some of the packaged goods are made from paper or if a paper bag was used to place items in from a recent store purchase this may also work as a good alternative.

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