Why We Are Here

Billy M. Jensen CEO Captive Audience PT&RT 2017 proved to be one of the most violent years in history for crimes committed against journalist, aid workers, and missionaries throughout... Read more »

Why isn’t Washington preparing for a nuclear war?

How Far Away From A Nuclear War Are We? Even though the situation between North Korea and USA is getting more and more tensed and North Korea keeps threatening... Read more »


Anonymous: Is World War 3 Just Around the Corner?

Anonymous – Conspirer or Hero? A group that’s growing more influential by the day is Anonymous. They got a lot of exposure after the hit series Mr. Robot: real... Read more »

Global Warming Retaliation – Warming Up Desees

Different theories, same problem There are many controversial theories about the global warming and its causes. Even if some are saying that the main source of global warming is... Read more »

Lawmakers concerned about aftermath of an electrical grid cyber attack

Lawmakers want to know what contingency plans are in place in the event of a large-scale cyber attack on critical electrical grid infrastructure. At an April 14 House hearing... Read more »

Putin just threatened to pull out of the fight to destroy ISIS if Turkey downs another Russian jet

Russia will pull out of the US-led coalition fighting the Islamic State in Syria if there is a repeat of the shooting down of its fighter jet by Turkey,... Read more »

Obama pushes for gun control after Planned Parenthood shooting

After a gunman opened fire at a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood on Friday, killing three people and injuring several others, President Obama urged the nation to increase gun control... Read more »

Over 80 Percent of Syrians Believe USA Created ISIS

More than eighty one percent of Syrians believe the U.S. and its allies are behind the creation of the Islamic State terrorist organization, a recent survey found. Conducted by... Read more »

Obama calls U.S. to take in at least 10,000 more Syrian refugees

President Barack Obama has ordered his administration to “scale up” the quantity of Syrian refugees admitted to the u. s. within the coming year, leading his team to organize... Read more »

Israeli Prime Minister Rejects to Absorb Some Migrants

Head of administration Benjamin Netanyahu rejected calls from opposition leaders to help assimilate a percentage of the Center Eastern migrants flooding Europe, saying Sunday that Israel was too small... Read more »

ISIS fighters push deeper into Syrian capital Damascus

Fighters with the Islamic State of Irak and Syrian Arab Republic (ISIS) on Sunday pushed into an oversized district in southern national capital, clashing with rival militants simply a... Read more »

Egyptian Patrol Vessel Erupts in Huge Fireball

It has been reported that in Egypt, just off the coast of the northern Sinai, militants with ties to the Islamic State (ISIS) have attacked a naval patrol ship... Read more »

Attention Democrats

Attention far left Democrats and all the rest, of you Democrats, who are too afraid of the far left or to hungry for power to stand up for America.... Read more »

42 Years Later: Remembering JFK

42 years ago, we sat in front of our television sets in complete shock. When the usually totally objective Walter Cronkite momentarily lost it on a live broadcast, he... Read more »