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Preparing Tips – Caution at Food Storage in Shelving


Preparing Tips - Caution at Food Storage in Shelving

The most current error I see with food storage shelving is storing glass containers on high shelves with no front bumper to retard the glass containers from falling down throughout earthquakes or different upsets. All that rigorously preserved tasty food may simply come crashing down.

All food containers are subject to issues. Glass jars are, of course, within the most danger, however bent cans and ripped bags can ruin your preps. Space concerns necessitate shelves to hold everything, however the shelves want good style.

Wood shelves need to have additional a railing or bumper along the front edge to keep safe glass jars and any kind of can from falling down. Any slight shaking of the entire shelf will offer extremely unhappy smashed results.

The other answer is to use closet shelving that have a railing or bumper along their front edge, the back too unless it’s against a wall. I believe another answer is to use the robust wire grid shelving material, covered with a plastic and frequently white, that’s used usually as the closet shelf in bedrooms of latest homes. It’s cheaper than wood operating into the closet for a wood shelf and is incredibly strong. It has a lip or bumper running along one side and is sometimes installed in closets with the lip down, which provides a place to hold clothes hangers, making it ideas one step closet use.

The prepper can flip that plastic coated wire grid closet shelf over and have a built in bumper to avoid those glass jars and cans from being shaken — or bumped — off and lost. Such alittle arrange like this will offer huge benefits as you’ll see!

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