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San Bernardino Mass Shooting Is Reported


San Bernardino Mass Shooting Is Reported

Emergency crews responded Wednesday to reports of a shooting with multiple victims in San Bernardino, Calif., the city’s fire and police departments reported.

The Fire Department posted on Twitter that there were reports of as many as 20 victims.

The city Police Department confirmed that it was handling an “active shooter” incident, but declined to say more. The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department said the police had reports of one to three suspects, and of multiple victims.

Ambulance crews could be seen on local news reports treating wounded people in the street. The site was near Inland Regional Services, which offers services to individuals with developmental disabilities, but it was not clear if that was the location of the shooting.

Emergency workers speaking on their radio frequencies cited a witness saying there were two attackers with ski masks and vests, who arrived in a dark-colored, large SUV.

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