Attacks in Paris

Paris Attacks Carried Out by ISIS, Hollande Says President François Hollande called the attacks an “act of war” and blamed the Islamic State. At least 129 people were killed,... Read more »

ISIS claims responsibility in 129 deaths

An American woman is among at least 129 people killed in the terrorists attacks in Paris, three U.S. officials said. That news is among the first snippets of information... Read more »


One Hour on This Bicycle May Power Your Home for 24 Hours

People usually complain regarding the high prices of energy and also the fact that they “never have time to exercise.” This invention certainly solves both conundrums. And, most significantly,... Read more »

How to Deal With Migrants and Refugees

Despite the actual fact that winter is coming, Middle Eastern refugees are still coming into Europe in terribly giant numbers. There’s no doubt that the old continent will see... Read more »

Wildlife And Isolation in Canadian Wilderness

Backpacking into the Canadian wilderness may be a lesson in solitude as there are thousands of sq. miles of wild land waiting to be explored. However, it’s extremely suggested... Read more »

California’s Drought Problem – A Problem That Was Waiting to Happen

California’s water shortage problem may have been just a business venture. In March 2014, NASA revealed shocking news about how California has about a year of stored water. The... Read more »

Hiking Rocky Mountain National Park Leaves You Breathless

One of the most unbelievable landscapes on earth is right about the center of America. The Rocky Mountain national park is gorgeous beyond words – which goes to create... Read more »

Syrian family nearly hopeless in Budapest

A three-year-old boy pulled lifeless from the sea. In another world he might have been playing on this beach. But he and his five-year-old brother were among 12 Syrians... Read more »

President Obama to Appear on Running Wild with Bear Grylls

President Barack Obama can trek through the Alaskan wilderness with survival skilled Bear Grylls for a special edition of “Running Wild with Bear Grylls,” it had been announced Monday... Read more »

Nestle Pays Just $524 To Exploit Drought Desperate California

This month, Nestle has once again been placed right at the heart of the California megadrought. With the increasingly parched state now in its fourth consecutive year of official... Read more »

Colorado City Stops Water Fluoridation Following Concerning Study

Snowmass, a skier’s paradise tucked into the Colorado Mountains, and part of Aspen, has decided to stop fluoridating its water. The news comes just after the latest groundbreaking study... Read more »

Basic deduction for survival

Survival in the wild, in the urban wilderness, a characteristic calamity, or toward the apocalypse takes more than the aptitudes you have been honing or the things or instruments... Read more »

Basic rules in emergency administration

What is emergency administration? As specialists state, emergency in an association, a country, business, family or in a relationship is capricious. It comes in times when you are really... Read more »

Water ATM

The water ATM is a water supply system used to treat and distribute water that is fit for human consumption. The Water ATM has been used in Kenya, located... Read more »

Due to its shrinking status, the Colorado River has become a growing concern

It’s a little known fact that almost forty million individuals in seven states (California, Colorado, Arizona, Utah, Wyoming, New Mexico, and Nevada) depend on the Colorado River. There are... Read more »