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Survival Apps: Six best applications to use in a survival situation


Survival Apps - Six best applications to use in a survival situationsWe live in the time of new innovation when our telephones are loaded with valuable data and applications that prove to be useful precisely when you require them. We don’t need to recollect muddled stuff any longer, there’s dependably an application for this on the off chance that we look painstakingly enough. All things considered, today we’re going to discuss survival applications for your telephone and how they can really help you in an upsetting circumstance.

A considerable lot of you may be a touch incredulous about this and it’s justifiable. Most likely the first picture that rings a bell when we discuss survival and telephone applications is a masculine survivalist, amidst no place, with a blade in one hand and a cell phone in the other hand requesting that Siri what do next. The circumstance is not exactly like this, a genuine survivalist still needs to know everything there is to think about survival yet for an apprentice, a survival application could be extremely helpful. It’s not prescribed to construct your whole learning with respect to a gadget as delicate as the cell phone however. We all ability numerous things can turn out badly with it notwithstanding when it’s in our home, where the earth is protected and common components don’t reach. Here are only a couple of cases of what could turn out badly with your cell phone when you’re out, investigating the world:

  • you could drop it on a rock and the whole screen could shatter leaving you with a spider web (of course the touch is going to be unusable)
  • it could fell out of your pocket (they’re slim and slippery) and it could fall into a ravine or you simply don’t realize when you lose it
  • the battery could die
  • the humidity may break the device
  • if you go through a stream and forget to remove the phone from your pocket you’ll allow it to take an unwanted bath
  • there is not enough coverage
  • your data network may not work

What’s more, these are just to give some examples issues. Be that as it may, in the event that you are readied with an extra battery and you keep your telephone in a safe pocket, on the upper piece of your body and place it in a defensive case you may have an essential associate with you. The principle thought here is that you have to know your survival fundamentals however it doesn’t hurt to have a couple of survival applications introduced on your telephone. These applications finish your survival unit permitting you moment access to significant data. Additionally, a portion of the best applications have been created by experienced survivalists in their journey to keep individuals more secure wherever they were.

SAS survival guide

You may be familiar with the bestselling book called SAS Survival Guide. Well this guide, written by John Wiseman, a former instructor and special air service soldier, was transposed into one of the most amazing survival apps. The upside and, in the meantime the drawback (as indicated by every one’s viewpoint), is that the application doesn’t oblige an association. The bundle introduces everything on your telephone, implying that it will require storage room. The rationale behind this is that in the wild, the likelihood to get scope and versatile information is really little which is the reason the application downloads everything provincially, so you can get to the data at any given time without a live association.

SAS survival guide offers you the following features:

  • 16 videos with valuable information on how to survive in certain situations. The videos are realized by the author himself allowing you to appreciate his skills and knowledge on the matter
  • photos that will teach you about  animal tracks, knots, snakes, plants (which ones are good to eat and which ones aren’t), and more
  • the SAS Survival Guide – the book in full text adapted for mobile format and a search utility
  • survival checklists – of great help when you need to put together a go bag
  • sun compass
  • a very well realized quiz that will test your survival skills and knowledge
  • Morse code signaling device
  • First aid section – how to accord it in the best conditions

There are many things you need to learn in practice and it doesn’t hurt to have a small guide with you. The app is very popular on both major platforms: Android and Apple and was ranked the #1 LIFESTYLE APP in almost all geographic locations.

Pocket first aid & CPR

At times outside experiences end seriously and somebody gets harmed. There’s nothing more terrible than needing to help somebody yet not having the capacity to on the grounds that you do not have the essential information. This application offers you the likelihood to get the important information to help your companion right on the spot. Obviously that everybody ought to have least emergency treatment fundamental learning however when you require more data, survival applications are a swipe away. Content on this application is given by the American Heart Affiliation and it is intended to offer help with crisis circumstances.

Pocket first aid & CPR offers you the following features:

  • first aid basic information like how to help a person whit a sprained ankle or how to mend a flesh wound
  • instructions on how to use an AED (if ever necessary)
  • how to treat medical, environmental, and injury emergencies
  • 34 videos depicting how to perform certain first aid procedures
  • 46 high resolution images where it is described how to proceed in emergency situations, with search feature
  • instructions on how to perform CPR on adults, children, and infants
  • instructions on how to save the life of a person who’s chocking

This app is really good to have on your phone even if you’re not a survivalist or an outdoor enthusiast. Crisis circumstances in regards to wellbeing can show up in any environment and in the event that you have the learning on the best way to manage them you have the high ground. An extremely persuading evidence that this application will work in any conditions, is the narrative of Dan Woolley from Haiti, who survived 65 hours under flotsam and jetsam utilizing it.

No one actually wants to have to perform a CPR on a friend or to put a splint on a broken bone but if the situation arrives you and this survival app may be the only things that can save that friend’s life. It is worse to lose a friend because you were too stubborn to learn about according first aid than to actually have to use the information presented by this app.

Smart compass app

Everyone who loves going in the outdoor with just a backpack on his or her back must know the basics on orientation. You must know how to use a map and a compass and how to find out your direction regardless of the surrounding environment. It is always best to have the physical compass with you (as backup) but the Smart Compass App has more features than any physical compass ever invented. The greatest of them all is that it has an augmented reality display allowing you to actually overlap the compass on the surrounding environment.

The other super feature of this app is the fact that is free. Let’s see what other features this amazing survival app has!

 Smart compass offers you the following features:

  • absolute north (feature available in the PRO version)
  • view of the environment using the phone’s camera
  • instructions to calibrate your phone’s sensors
  • the possibility to send GPS information like your current position or the point your are heading to via SMS or email
  • GPS speedometer (also available in the PRO version)

The Smart Compass is one of the most efficient and easy to use survival apps out there. You can utilize it precisely like a typical compass yet you don’t need to stop and check it constantly. The compass is in that spot before you don’t and anything weakens your vision. Also it has the advantage of being with you all the time. You might forget your compass but you will never forget your phone.

ViewRanger GPS – trails & maps

This app is wildly popular amongst survivalists and outdoor adventures and for a good reason. It is the GPS map application you really want to have with you when following a trail. It offers complete disconnected from the net access to maps, route and trails and complete data with respect to the territory in the region. The application has put away data on more than 10.000 courses and trails and even flying pictures that finish the photo. This application and its free web apparatuses is utilized by more than 150 inquiry and salvage groups in Europe and North America so in the event that they believe it, you must incorporate it in your top most loved survival applications.

You won’t need to waste time with maps and compasses, figuring your bearing and checking it constantly. You essentially picked the course you need to take after (or you make it) and you begin. The application will permit you to check whether you’re off the course or what kind of territory you are heading towards, important data when you attempt to keep a certain beat and train your creature.

ViewRanger GPS offers you the following features:

  • The possibility to get your GPS mapped location even without coverage, which is a major feature for outdoor adventurers. There are many open spaces where the coverage is not so good or simply is inexistent
  • The possibility to save maps on your device in order to use later when you don’t have coverage
  • The possibility to record your track in order to review it later or share it with your friends
  • You can also see the distance you’ve traveled and at what speed
  • You can create a web account on their site and keep it in sync with your device. This helps at route planning and sharing your route with your friends. Let’s say you don’t all get on the route from the same point. You share the route with everyone and establish a common point to meet.
  • The free version includes web tools like OpenStreetMap, OpenCycleMap, Global street & terrain mapping, Bing Aerial Imagery, Ski map, and Transport map.
  • You also have the possibility to buy more advanced maps using in-app purchasing.

If you have the possibility to use a mobile device, this app is the one to have installed on your phone. It may require some time to get used to all the features but once you’ve managed to understand it you’ll be able to appreciate it at its true value.

How to tie knots – 3D animated

Have you ever tried to learn how to make a specific knot using video tutorials? There are some video tutorials out there that can help you learn, but most of them are completely frustrating and they make you give up even before you start. Believe it or not, knots can save your life in an emergency situation. Imagine you have to tie a rope out of pieces to take your partner out of a ravine. On the off chance that you don’t know how to do it appropriately, the rope may disentangle at the center of the separation between the base of the gorge and the edge of the gorge, and your companion may fall and endure a few genuine wounds

Another emergency situation where knots are extremely useful is when you try to survive by your own in the wilderness. You could improvise a fishing line to make yourself some very tasty dinner, or you’ll need rope to improvise shelter and traps. Anything is possible when you know the difference between a regular, overhand knot and a really strong one. This is why we consider this app to be one of the best and important survival apps out there.

The feature that made this app a real hit among smartphone users is the way the knots are presented. The producers used high definition animations to show you how to make a few basic knots. The app is at the beginning as there are only a few basic knots introduced but if you’re interested, you can download it for free from the App Store and Google Play.

With this app on your phone your paracord projects won’t have to wait anymore.

Bug out bag checklist app

If you’re a beginner in the matter of survival and you want to start your first bug out project, everything may seem a bit overloaded. You have to assemble such a large number of things, in such a large number of distinctive classes and you need to press every one of them in one rucksack. Regardless of the possibility that it may appear that making a bug out sack is more an issue of pressing, there are numerous things you have to make sense of independent from anyone else like: what sort of nourishment to take and how much, how to store the water in the most productive way or what kind of garments to pack and for to what extent.

Bug out bag checklist offers you the following features:

  • Great checklists where every item is described so you can choose the right one for you.
  • Reminder and calendar where you can set alarms for when it’s time to recheck your bug out bag. Some items like food and water need to be replaced at regular times and it’s hard to remember everything in this crazy world. The app will take care of this of you.
  • You can also add items and create new lists and of course, remove items from an already created list. It’s completely editable which is very important.
  • You have the possibility to create and inventory and keep track of what you already have.

This is one of the survival applications any prepper ought to have in its telephone, from our perspective.

Survival apps are a growing trend and every prepper has the possibility to choose the ones that fit his or her needs. Make a point to picked applications that have remarks and surveys to verify you get precisely what it is publicized and never pay for something you can’t test first. Additionally, regardless of the possibility that you have the best and most astounding survival applications on your telephone, verify you have the fundamental essential learning. Your phone’s battery may die or the phone may break but what you already know can’t be forgotten. Survival apps are great helpers but you can’t rely completely on them. Always carry with you the real world equivalent of an app like a compass and a map. These two items should never miss from your bug out bag even if you downloaded the latest update for the Smart Compass and you have the best maps and offline GPS localization. Being prepared for an emergency situation also means being able to understand the environment and use anything you have at hand without gadgets.

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