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Survival Guide – What You Need To Living Off Grid


Survival Guide - What You Need To Living Off Grid

If you’re one of the countless those who are considering “going off the grid,” then there are many things you need to understand and acquire before you make,you create the transition to living off grid. Implementing these concepts will build your goal easier to accomplish, in addition as make your life easier.

Know how to hunt and garden

If you are going off the grid, chances are you’ve got chosen a particularly rural area in which even the only of stores is also many miles away. Having a knowledge of weapons, hunting, and gardening will benefit you when it involves providing food for yourself and your family. Knowing a way to use a gun for more than hunting also will prove helpful if you are going to be living in an area that’s known for dangerous, natural predators.

Access to a reliable, clean water supply

Since water is crucial for life, it’s imperative that you set up your new home close to or around a reliable, clean water system that can be used for personal consumption, bathing, laundry, and washing dishes. Check water reports in the area you are going to move to, and additionally check to see if collecting rainwater is allowed.

Make sure your cooking and heating needs will be met

If you are going off the grid, you will still need to eat and keep yourself and your family warm. If you are planning to move to a heavily forest, ensure you are allowed to cut down trees to use for firewood. Investment in a wood stove or propane-fueled stove is also a good plan, as each can serve as heaters and cookery surfaces. Keeping a propane tank on your property is extraordinarily helpful, though this will come with its challenges. an skilled from Powerblanket says cold weather will be hard on fuel tanks, making it difficult for them to maintain optimal pressure. If you live in an area which experiences cooler winter temperatures, consider securing a propane tank heater to preserve your propane source.

See if solar panels are offered at your new location

If you are going off the grid but still want to keep certain amenities like TV, a mobile phone, and use of the internet, you will want to think about having solar panels installed. These will afford you clean, cheap, if not nearly free, energy to use for powering appliances, a refrigerator and freezer for storing the meat from your hunting and gardening, laundry appliances, and everything else that requires some kind of electrical charge to work.

Be prepared to downsize

Many people who long to return to an easier way of living also are considering tiny homes, the ever-growing trend of drastically downsizing one’s living space. These little homes and different methods of living a less frantic life have their benefits, and are undoubtedly worth checking into.  Off-grid living is a dream for many and a challenge for all who choose to pursue it. The rewards of independence and self-sufficiency, however, are something you will reap the benefits of for years to come.

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