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Survival Guides – Hiking Boots Could Save Your Life


Survival Guides - Hiking Boots Could Save Your Life

In this day and age of hip hop and hip hop clothing several things have become trendy that just should ne’er be trendy. Hiking boots aren’t a fashion statement yet, in hip hop, they’re considered essential gear. Hiking boots are hiking boots and they are created for hiking in the wilderness. Hiking boots aren’t designed to supply you maximum speed as you’re running from the scene of the crime. They’re heavy, thick, and waterproof which means they were designed to protect you from the weather and permit you proper traction whereas climbing rocks and cruising along the trails within the great outdoors. They weren’t designed to climb fences and duck down alleys.

Hiking boots ar durable boots worn whereas hiking through the forests and wilderness of the good outdoors. They’re waterproof so that your feet don’t get wet while you’re jumping through streams or attempting to cross a lake to get faraway from a bear. They’re durable so they can protect you from the rocks and branches that you will inevitably come across while you’re out there hiking. Thus hiking boots are designed for the rugged exploration of the great outdoors and not the exploration of the driver’s side of an escalade. Wearing hiking boots within the city is like wearing a clown costume to jail, it makes no sense at all and it’s bound to get you in huge trouble when the novelty wears off.

Baby It’s Cold Outside

Many people mistake hiking boots for winter boots and, whereas hiking boots (These are the best hiking boots)  are insulated and may undoubtedly protect your feet from the cold and snow, wearing hiking boots as winter boots is certainly overkill for you and simply plain embarrassing for the boots. Do yourself and the boots a favor and invest in a very correct pair of winter boots for the winter weather and leave the serious duty boots for the paths and hillsides of the paths.

Hiking boots are not work boots that need to be worn at the work site. Don’t be low cost, go out and purchase a pair of work boots instead of asking your different boots to pull double duty. Footwear is designed for a purpose and it functions best when it’s used for that purpose. Boots worn for a fashion statement should be trendy boots and not huge brawling boots designed for the outdoors and designed to brave the elements.

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