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Survival Guides – Tools For Survival


Survival Guides - Tools For Survival

We all understand we need tools for survival, however what we can do if and when everything we have stockpiled is gone? Will we do without the technology we’ve got today? All of these things create our lives easier however if push comes to shove may you create a number of these tools if you had to?

Not all people wish to be mountain men or outdoors men or woman, but there each well may come a time in the future when primitive skills can become necessary. The tools we have now will only last goodbye, and having the information and skill to makes some of these tools and weapons may offer us an superiority once everybody else has nothing.

Let’s say the power grid goes down of over a month, let’s say you don’t even need to leave your home. However are you going to heat your home or cook when your lighters run out?

Let’s say you do need to bug out, what will you do when all of your provides have been depleted leaving you with only the tools in your head? As a matter of truth, the only factor we will able to be completely certain of are the tools in our head. Folks will take our physical belongings, but they can’t take what we’ve got stored in our melons.

From one thing as easy as knowing the way to tie a knot to assembling an complete shelter, these primitive skills don’t seem to be simply helpful in deep in the woods, they will be helpful anywhere, at any time.

Anyone who thinks they can simply leave in the wilderness or anyplace for that matter and survive long term isn’t being realistic. There are way too several variables like family makeup, geography and information. Knowing these primitive skills could be the most vital part, what we see on TV is completely different than what we may encounter in the real world.

The great factor regarding these skills is we will begin to apply them right away, in our back yard, in our garage or maybe our living room. The additional we apply, the better we’ll get, and the better prepared we’ll be in any SHTF event.

It’s vital to remember that even though we’ve got some pretty fancy tools these days, most of them come from something fictional in the past, and a few of those tools that we use today is made using a very little ingenuity and primitive skills.

From the tires on our cars to the hammers we use to create houses, most of these tools are simply a more economical method of doing things.

These tools are great to own, and we should have them. However knowing a way to create and use these primitive tools and weapons might offer as a little bit of an edge if things go sideways, and generally a little bit is all we need.

Let’s check out some of those and find a concept regarding how some of these things we take for granted everyday will be made with alittle information.

Unfortunately we live in a world where there’s trash everywhere. But we all know the basics of primitive tool making, we can take that trash and re-purpose it into something helpful.

Survival Tools for Fishing Tackle

I personally think that everybody should have some kind of fishing tackle with them in their bug out bag no matter where you live. Fishing can be the simplest method of finding calories during a SHTF scenario. Although you’ll achieve success using these primitive techniques for fishing they’re time intensive and harder to catch a fish if you don’t apply the ability. Here an article that goes into detail about a few different primitive fishing techniques.

Survival Tool for Cordage & Knots

This can be one of the foremost valuable survival skills to own. Knowing the way to tie completely different varieties of knots may be the distinction between your shelter blowing off in the wind and a shelter which will withstand what mother nature has to provide.

Cordage is something that we can never have enough of, and although creating cordage takes apply and a few ability, it never hurts to know what plants will be used to make cordage.

Survival Tools for Snares & Traps

Most people probably don’t have a bear trap laying around the house, but this could even be a good method of finding needed calories in a survival scenario.

Regardless of your living situation, urban or rural, trapping tiny game is possible, I just wouldn’t apply in town park right now, you may get in some trouble.

There are quite a few different traps and snares you can create from a dead fall trap to some simple snares. You also need to take into account the calories you’ll burn setting these traps, one trap isn’t going to cut it, you’ll need to set ten or twenty traps to increase your odds.

You will also need to understand where these animals travel. If you can find game trails, animal scat or tracks you’ll have a better probability of being a successful trapper.

Survival Tools for Stone Tools

Primitive tools are nice, great grandfathers of the tools and weapons we use today. The tools we have these days are much more efficient but like I said earlier what will you do if you have nothing?

If we learn the fundamentals of cordage, tying knots and how these primitive tools work we can build one of these tools with the trash we discover around us. We will all throw a rock, but can you attach a sharpened rock to a stick and build a spear?

There is also lots of trash and resources we’ll most likely be ready to find in an urban area as well. There’ll be metal, wires, old wood and probably even fuel scattered around in a post collapse scenario, we simply need to understand what we are looking for.

Survival Tools for Containers and Utensils

This is something we all kind of take for granted, but in a survival situation what would you do if you found a great water source but had no way to bring it with you?

Containers are useful for boiling water, cooking, carrying supplies and many other things.  A metal container would be ideal but even if you have to use wood or pottery you can still get the job done…people have been doing it for thousands of years.

Get to know what your options are and think outside the box, you might be surprised at what you can use as a container when you need to, after all necessity is the mother of invention right?

Survival Tools for Fire Starting

Starting a hearth will be crucial to survival despite your situation. This is another thing we tend to take for granted because all we’ve got to do is flick our bic and we have fire.

There are one hundred other ways of starting a fire if we have the information to do so. Fire starts before you even get the spark, you need the correct tinder, and the right tools to successfully make a fire.

Practicing how to get a fire started now can increase your possibilities of actually getting a fire started when it literally means life and death.

Primitive skills provide us a foundation to build on. For instance, if we know how to make a friction fire from a bow drill or a hand drill, we can then take that information and use it in an urban area where you might not need to chop a tree down, but there can be other provides around us we can use and you’ll know what kind of wood to look for or different supplies that might make your job easier.

We don’t need to be a Wilderness Survivalist but it’s vital to learn a number of these primitive skills and know how they will be useful regardless of your living situation. We very well might find ourselves in a position to own to forage, build shelter and keep ourselves heat and as comfortable as possible in an urban setting as well as a wilderness setting.

John Turner
John Turnerhttp://www.patriotdirect.org/
Dedicated to upgrowth, developement and prepared for the "worst" to come... Simple guy, simple skills, simple attitude. Just an ordinary guy who tries to survive!

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