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Survival Skills For Women


Survival Skills For Women

A general perception regarding women is that they’re weak and vulnerable and aren’t capable of handling powerful things as people think they react more easily than their male counterparts. It’s not just men who believe this whole women being weak idea however most women sell themselves short when it comes to talking regarding their strength in the face of a disaster.

Similarly, when talking regarding preppers or survival, women are kept out of the topic, probably as a result of the same belief. However, this shouldn’t be a norm that prepping or survival is only about men and women have nothing to do with it. Yes, women are vulnerable but they still are quite capable of providing for themselves and their loved ones in tough times. Women, in fact, are born preppers and survivalists as compared to men. If women might learn some particular set of skills then they can increase their chances of survival in a SHTF scenario.

These survival skills should be at the fingertips of each woman, single or with a family and spouse.

  1. Be Observant

If you’re new to prepping or survival then it’s best to begin learning through observation. Even in an SHTF situation where you’re left with a group of people needing to survive, you should learn to observe what the others are doing and without disclosing your own plans.

  1. Extra Cautious with a will to fight

Even in normal circumstances you should be very vigilant regarding your own security. Although, this comes naturally when you’re a women but being a prepper makes you a little more cautious regarding your surroundings. Sadly, for women, a SHTF situation doesn’t essentially have to be some kind of a catastrophic event like a natural disaster or a home invasion but typically an encounter with a drug addict, a rapist or even an extreme cat callers may require you to fight or use your survival skills. Quicktip for a pet, a dog is always better than a cat.

  1. Be Self-sufficient

While you may get to learn plenty regarding prepping through the web or from social media communities however improvising your self-defense is what you need to learn practically. Sign up for martial arts or boxing classes in order to get better at protecting yourself. Learn to efficiently use a weapon or tool to be more equipped at self-defense.

In a survival condition, you’ll need skills like gathering wood, hunting, or setting a makeshift shelter don’t even think about the possibility of your male prepper friend, doing this part. You should be comfortable of doing everything on your own as a result of, you never know you may be the only one living. Most women aren’t very good at using tools or repairing things. Even in normal conditions, the fairer sex isn’t expected to know a way to fix a broken tire.

Learn to use various kinds of survival gear and ensure you keep on updating your survival kit with all that’s new.

  1. Talk like a pro

Even if you’re fairly new to prepping, or don’t know plenty about something, don’t let others know about that. Talk with authority and don’t offer others an impression that you’re not the weakest link, even if you live alone attempt sharing this information with a minimum number of people. In a teotwawki event, if you’ll build it too obvious that you are alone then you’re inviting people to cause you hurt.

  1. Make your home secure or hunker down

Even if you have the strongest locks, you should know how to seal your windows or fortify your home if your house gets attacked by intruders. Also, if there’s a plague like situation, you must be ready to hunker down. Have your provides prepared and in place so as to build the place as stay worthy as possible.

It’s necessary to survive, no matter what. Even if you’re a women start prepping now and be your own savior. Size or appearance doesn’t matter as long as you’re strong and prepared enough to face hardships and defend yourself, if need be.

John Turner
John Turnerhttp://www.patriotdirect.org/
Dedicated to upgrowth, developement and prepared for the "worst" to come... Simple guy, simple skills, simple attitude. Just an ordinary guy who tries to survive!

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