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Improve Your Survival Skills For Free


You want to be sure that no matter what, you and your loved ones are always safe. So it’s best to be in touch with your survival skills at all times.

Accidents happen every day. There are close to zero chances that you will never be involved in some kind of life threatening situation throughout your life. So you may consider improving your survival skills. And YES! You can do it free of charge.

There is nothing wrong with coming up with a good plan that might save your life. There is nothing wrong with being prepared… Here, you will learn what fun activities and relaxing hobbies can train you for any disaster you might face, both outdoor and indoor. The ultimate guide to awake the lumberjack in you.

Plan the Future

A quick and good way to improve your survival skills for free is planning ahead. When is the last time you made an emergency plan? It takes just a couple of hours to update, set it up, and tell your family about it.

Bonus: good and useful time spent with your loved ones.

You can also plan your family’s next meals. This way, you’ll be sure that everyone gets a good well balanced lunch or dinner full of all the nutrients they need. Bonus: you stay healthy.

Try Out Your Gardening Skills

How gardening can improve your survival skills

Gardening is one of the most enjoyable hobbies. Whether you plant just a mouth-watering juicy tomato or start working on a self-sufficient garden, you’ll have the heart-filling satisfaction that you eat what you grow. Even if you don’t cook at home, you can be sure that your efforts will be tasty.

Bonus: you’ll understand exactly how you need to treat Mother Nature so she can return the favour.

First-aid Course

Probably this is the most important step to prepare for any accident or doomsday situation you might find yourself in. A free online course would be the easiest way to do it and the internet is the best place to find free courses. Knowing what you need to do to help yourself and others when something bad happens is the first step towards being prepared.

Camping and Backpacking

You need to know the most important items you should always have in your survival kit. Learn what nature can provide… Get to know your surroundings… What the woods can offer you and what to stay away from… This is the best way to practice all the survival skills you’ve been researching and learning. Not to mention some skills you wanted to try for a long time. So just take a day off or go fishing. No matter what you choose, just spend a day or two in the nature.

Survival Skill Books

You can find a great range of free e-books and articles if you want to see what’s new in the preppers world. You need to always be updated with both new technologies that can save your life and old skills from our ancestors.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve read about doomsday scenarios, how to find water in the woods, or how to make the perfect fire with barely nothing… Everything you can get your hands on will provide quick essential skills for survival.


You need to know what plants are good for your health and which are poisonous. This is a way to master survival skills. You can first search online or at your local library for information. After that you can spend a day or two in nature trying to eat only what you forage. Keep in mind that this is a dangerous hobby and you need to be sure that what you eat is safe. And always remember that the difference between medicine and poison is in the dosage. So what’s good in small quantities might be bad for a daily diet.

Window Shopping

Window shopping is the best way to stay in touch with the latest news and trends about survival skills. You can buy new tools from time to time. Don’t rush into it. Just be sure you made the right choice.

Play With your Existing Tools

I’m sure you have in your home, shop or garage some tool you bought a long time ago… But never got to use it. Now it’s the best time to try it out… It’s your chance. You can also improve your old tools and give them new purposes. Practice makes perfect, so there is no better way of improving your survival skills, than getting to know your equipment.

 Always Exercise!

Stay in shape while being healthy. Go out and exercise! Of course, you can spend tons of cash on a fitness club membership or you can just go hiking or backpacking in nature. Bonus: you get to relax and clear your head of everyday problems.

Be the Fix-It Man You Always Wanted to Be

It doesn’t matter if you want to fix the old chair (which has been squeaking for decades), or you just need to update your tools, you can always take a weekend to fix some things around the house.

There are still a lot of things you can do, free of charge, to improve your survival skills. For example, you might want to learn how to find and filter water, how to use a compass and navigate by stars, or how to tie different types of knots. There is a large variety of things you can do and learn because you can never be prepared enough for life.

Everything that matters, is that your survival skills will be getting better and that you’ll be ready for anything that might be heading your way.

John Turner
John Turnerhttp://www.patriotdirect.org/
Dedicated to upgrowth, developement and prepared for the "worst" to come... Simple guy, simple skills, simple attitude. Just an ordinary guy who tries to survive!

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