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Survival Tips – Create your Own Survival Map


Survival Tips - Create your Own Survival MapI have a horrifying sense of direction. Currently my husband is a master of finding hes approach around towns and cities but I’m not that great at the method. The reality is that I still have a hard time navigating my own town even though he have lived here for over twenty years. I’m just horrible with directions and with locations. Currently my husband has the gift of remembering each flip and switchback as long as he has driven the route before. Once we were dating he drove all the thanks to my grandparents home, almost two hours away, without any problems. Anyway, I’m rambling. What’s the point of all this? Simple. Once a disaster hits you’re going to need to know where to travel and also the best way to get there. this can be why you need a survival map. In fact, you wish many maps.

Too many of us are hoping on their cell phones and their computers to get them where they need to go. But if the power grid fails, or maybe if the mobile phone dies, what are you going to do? The times of relying on technology ought to come to an finish. Therefore take the time to learn the right routes with a real, paper map. So where can you discover a map? Almost each convenient store has local maps. You’ll also realize these maps in libraries as well as several local stores like Wal-Mart. So what will it take?

Supplies Needed

  • 3 to 5 local maps
  • A pack of multi-colored pencils and/or markers
  • Baggies or containers that can hold the maps

Sounds easy right? There very aren’t that several provides that you are going to want. You’ll however got to spend a while getting ready the routes you might use. So lets look at what you wish to understand.

Making A Key

Every map includes a key. The key’s used to unlock the clues in the map. These keys may allow you to understand where certain things are and where you may find alternative items. What must be marked? What are the first spots and the secondary spots?

Primary Spots to Mark:

  • Hospitals
  • Police Stations
  • Fire Houses
  • Safe Houses
  • Hardware Stores
  • Department Stores
  • Airports
  • Gas Stations
  • Grocery Stores

Secondary Spots To Mark:

  • Landmarks
  • Veterinary Office
  • Pawn Shops
  • Car Wash
  • Car Lots

The idea is to create a map that has the flexibility to make your travel a whole lot easier. Therefore what you wish to do is create a key using the colored markers or pencils that you just have. Once you label every item on the key you’ll then use the corresponding color and create a mark on the map.

Maps are not hard to make and they are not hard to read. They will however take a little time and a little patience. So do the right thing for your family and your survival and learn the mapping process now.

It is also a good idea to be told all the roads within the area. Spend a while driving the roads and ensure that you even drive the roads you’re not usually on. This can familiarize you with all the possibilities. Once you’ve got learned the roads well you’ll create routes in and out of city. What we’ve done is to make some different routes in and out of the city depending on wherever the problems can be coming form. Our maps also utilize lesser-known roads since the majority of people are going to be using the main roads.

Maps aren’t hard to create and they aren’t hard to read. They’ll however take a little time and a little patience. So do the correct thing for your family and your survival and learn the mapping method now.

John Turner
John Turnerhttp://www.patriotdirect.org/
Dedicated to upgrowth, developement and prepared for the "worst" to come... Simple guy, simple skills, simple attitude. Just an ordinary guy who tries to survive!

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