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Survival Tips – Five Items That Could Save Your Life


Survival Tips - Five Items That Could Save Your Life

Things can change drastically in a minute and with times changing, it’s expected folks to be vigilant still as prepared when disasters have called on you to do therefore. Today, it’s not enough to know basic precautions; we need to be prepared with items that will also help us stay alive.

One factor we can simply do ahead of time to preparation for the unexpected is have a provide kit on hand. Here are a number of the tools that you need to prioritize in getting to be better equipped for an imminent disaster.

  1. Self-powered Flashlights

  • Have enough self-powered flashlights with you. In any disasters that may happen, this tool can prove itself to be very helpful particularly when all electrical outlets are down and batteries are running low. You’ll need these flashlights to assist you get across any dark spaces. You wouldn’t need batteries to be ready to use them, some of these flashlights are powered by sunlight, and a few are charged manually which are known as mechanically powered flashlight which you’ll then charge by muscle power.
  1. Updated Set of Maps

  • Even though you’ve been living in an area for God know how long, it would be safe to pack a collection of maps apart from your area. this may be primarily useful if you have to evacuate your current area and it’s easier to take note of all the routes and detours you need to take just in case of emergencies.
  1. First Aid Kit

  • First Aid Kits ar a must for several kinds of disasters and don’t you forget it! In dire situations, this may be the most necessary kit to have with you. Having this is a matter of life and death and who understand the result if you do not have one of these with you when a disaster strikes. This kit can improve your chances in survival and staying alive.Your first aid kit should have the following items: Gauze pads, cleaning agent or antiseptic, at least three (3) pairs of gloves, Towelettes, sterile dressings and bandages, Pain relievers, ointment for burns, Tweezers and Scissors, Medical Tape, hydrogen peroxide (this is quite helpful and it’s also effective in carpet cleaning), Prescription Medications and over the counter medications.
  1. Self-powered Radio

  • Assuming that you all have your phones charged to the fullest capacity, another advantage to have with you could be a self-powered radio. this is be} something that you will need to have since it can give you info on the current events happening during the disaster and an emergency event. Most times, your phones will fail especially in a storm since it requires communication lines depending on your location. Radios are a good tool to own at home to relay info as it can act as an emergency communication services. usually in a tragedy or disastrous event, the majority rely on their radios instead of their phone for updates and news.
  1. Multi-tool

  • Your multi-tool has the same importance as your first aid kit and most multi-tool kits include a folding knife, matches and lighters, tiny saw and wood saw, hole punch, Philips and flat head screwdriver, pliers, wire cutter, sturdy scissors, and duct tape.
  • Batteries? Check.
  • Phones charged and ready? Check.
  • Clothes? Check.
  • Whistle? Check.
  • Copies of your personal documents and enough cash? Check.

Aside from the extra set of non-perishable food and a gallon of water keep as rations, these 5 things will be very useful in preparation for a disaster

John Turner
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