Survival guides: Twenty-six tips to help you survive during earthquake and after an earthquake

Amid the earthquake On the off chance that you are inside, stay there! Get under a substantial work area or table and hold tight to it, move into a... Read more »

Fifteen approaches to survive a Earthquake

Maybe a quake’s most serious threat lies in the way that it can happen just about without a moment’s delay. On the off chance that you live in an... Read more »


Ten approaches to characterize your Earthquake security zone

Taking safe house against inside dividers, under tough tables or work areas, and in forceful entryways. Hone tremor drills. Practice with your family, placing yourself in the Wellbeing Zone.... Read more »

Eight things for your Earthquake catastrophe supply unit

The Workplace of Crisis Administrations and the Government Crisis Administration Office (FEMA) prescribe you self-furnish with everything on their rundown – you would prefer not to battle the group... Read more »