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There are new dangers in all cities of the United States of America


There are new dangers in all cities of the United States of America

If there is anything that 2015 should be known for, it’s the increased danger that has risen up in this year. What began as a fairly normal year has been marked by variety of events, all of them violent and all of them demonstrating that things aren’t going to continue the manner we’re used to.

If anything, as nothing has been done to counter any of the urban violence in 2015. Some of which traces its roots to earlier in Obama’s reign.

Much of the urban violence of this year can be laid at the doorstep of the White House, with the policies and rhetoric of Barack Obama being their direct cause. Yet, as usual, Obama refuses to accept any responsibility for his actions or perhaps acknowledge the true causes of the violence. Instead, he blames everything on the radical right, the GOP and the NRA; claiming that all the violence is their fault.

The one shining light in all this is that Obama is continuing to be the firearm industry’s number one salesman, often prod sales by his rhetoric and threats. The bigger variety of firearms in the hands of americans voters and the bigger variety of americans who own those firearms is a protection to themselves, their families and society in general.

Of course, Obama, ever the liberal visionary, is still attempting to do everything within his power to keep those firearms out of the hands of american voters. He spouts off the usual liberal talking points regarding how the easy availability of firearms spurs violence and how taking firearms off the street can cause the bad guys to give up theirs.

While that might sound good in a school classroom or in a strictly theoretical discussion, the real world doesn’t work that means. The only protection for United States is to be ready to protect ourselves.

Fortunately a lot of and more police chiefs and sheriffs are coming to this realization and publicly declaring their support for an armed citizenship and the rights for citizens to carry concealed. They acknowledge that they’re unable to protect the public from violence, below the restrictions of current laws. So, they encourage voters to become armed and trained to defend themselves.

There‘s really no telling where this will go, but I think it’s fairly safe to mention that the days we once knew, when kids could play safely in the streets and women could push baby carriages in the park are fading away.

While an armed society is also one which is able to protect itself, criminals can only be deterred so long. Their very natures will eventually cause them to take the risks, even knowing that they might themselves be the ones who are shot. Carrying that to its logical conclusion, it’d appear that criminals can become more violent, in order to stay in business. Taking guns away from honest citizen won’t do a thing to stop crime, but may actually cause a rise in violent crime. So, what are the risks we face?

Radical Muslim

There is no doubt that radical Muslim terrorist act is on the rise on a worldwide basis. Nor is there any doubt that it’s on the rise here in the United States as well. The recent attack in San Bernardino, California was an act of Islamic terrorism. Even the liberal left is having trouble buying Obama’s assurance that this had nothing to do with Islam.

ISIS is on the rise, no matter what the liar in Chief says. They have claimed to have soldiers here in the United States and are actively recruiting more. With their professed goal of taking over the world to be a part of their caliphate, there’s no doubt that they will continue the attack.

If anything, the weakness of this administration is encouraging ISIS and other Muslim terrorist teams to continue growing and attacking. while Vladimir Putin is following through on his threats, attacking ISIS strongholds and killing ISIS troopers, Obama is pretending to attack them, while secretly supporting them and their kind.

This puts the United States in a very precarious position, as it is the power vacuum in the middle east which gave rise to ISIS in the first place. If they sense weakness in the United States or maybe in our leadership, they will increase their attacks, in an attempt to take United States over.

Racial Violence

The racial unrest in this country has increased a minimum of twenty fold under Obama’s reign. His inflammatory rhetoric emboldens black activists to attack their cities, burning and looting under the name of protest. Demands from these black activist groups grow month by month, mostly based on fantasy, desires and an attitude of entitlement.

When groups like Black Lives Matter and the New Black Panthers don’t get what they want, they respond in violence, as we’ve seen in a variety of cities. While there are legitimate protesters amongst the black population, these groups always seem to get involved, along with their song leaders, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. Their song calls for more violence, instead of the song of Martin Luther King Jr, which called for peace.

It appears as if sure factions, including Sharpton and Obama want a racial civil war in this country. If they truly do, then they’re fools, considering the tiny percentage of the population that’s black. Such a war would be disastrous for them, regardless of how violent they wanted to act. they’re up to now outnumbered, that they’d lose.

Yet it appears that these black organizations aren’t going away, nor are they going to be silenced. They’re continuing their game, seeking to cause a lot of unrest and threatening a lot of violence.

Mass Shootings in “Gun Free Zones”

Events just like the Sandy Hood shooting and others in gun free zones continue, as a result of the basis cause of those shootings aren’t being addressed. Each and every time, the shooting is blamed on guns, right-wing extremists and the National Rifle Association. However when it’s investigated, they discover that the event was a left-wing liberal who was mentally unbalanced and looking for their moment of fame.

These shootings will continue till two things happen. The first has to be the elimination of their target areas. Gun free zones are ideal for their purposes; giving them a free-fire zone, where they don’t have to worry regarding anyone shooting back at them. But when the intended victims are allowed to shoot back, these shooters either turn tail and run, or a lot of commonly take their own lives.

Arming and training our teachers would go a long method towards solving this problem. The other issue that has to be dealt with could be a mental health one. Medical science must determine what makes these killers tick and develop the means to test for those characteristics early. Only then can they be stopped.

Increased Violence from Muslims Immigrants

We are seeing a rise in non-terrorist related violence in Europe, caused by the Syrian refugees. I call this non-terrorist related because it’s done by men who aren’t identified as terrorists or acting as terrorists. Rather, these are men who are gang-raping European girls, as if it’s their right.

From what I understand, these men are taught that this is their right so they’re only carrying out what their religious leadership has taught them to do. As long as they’re going to continue teaching in this manner, these men will continue to rape, just like the uncivilized barbarians they’re.

Where does this supposed right come from? It’s because the women they’re raping are infidels. In their eyes, they’re beneath contempt and worthy of nothing more than their scorn. Coming from countries where they can’t even see a woman, because the women are lined in burkas, they consider western women to all be whores and treat them as such.

These are a similar people that Obama is importing into this country as refugees. While I have yet to hear of the gang rapes and different acts of violence from these thugs, I’m sure they’ll be happening. the first of the Syrian gang have just arrived, so it probably won’t take long before they begin.

Increased Violence from Latin-American Gangs

The Latin American children that Obama was importing into the country are another supply of violence. His refusal to stem the tide of illegal immigration has opened the door to countless gang members and criminals coming into the United States from Mexico and Central America.

Some of these are confirmed criminals, each in the United States and in Mexico. Even after many convictions, they’re still on the streets, raping, killing and stealing. Yet, because they’re illegal immigrants, apparently our law enforcement community isn’t allowed to deal with them. They all seem to possess a get out of jail free card.

The only issue I can say is that the whole thing is a mess. If Obama’s plan of fundementally changing America is to make it a place where it’s no longer safe to live, he’s on the right track. The dangers we see on the streets these days are nothing compared to the dangers we’ll see tomorrow. I can see no reason to think that we’ll see an increase in violent crime while these things are continuing. If anything, we’ll see an increase.

Our cities are turning into urban jungles. They remind me of something I once read in a very Robert Heinlein novel, wherever normal individuals couldn’t go out on the streets without armored cars, body armor and bodyguards. Sadly, this is where our country appears to be going.

It is not just the big cities, either. Both the terrorist attack in San Bernardino and the one in Garland, Texas were in cities of slightly over 200,000 people. That’s mid-town America, not the big cities. So, we will no longer look at this as only a big town problem.

It is now an American problem, and before it’s over, there’s a decent chance that it’ll touch every and each one of USA in some way.

John Turner
John Turnerhttp://www.patriotdirect.org/
Dedicated to upgrowth, developement and prepared for the "worst" to come... Simple guy, simple skills, simple attitude. Just an ordinary guy who tries to survive!

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