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How to Use A Tactical Pen


How to Use A Tactical Pen

Our lives may be very unpredictable sometimes. Something will happen: a car crash or somebody who is harassing you. It would be a decent thing to own something, some object that could be used for other purpose but which can serve as a weapon as well. This can be why you have to learn how to use a tactical pen.

The tactical pen is what the survival specialists call a “multi tool”. You can use it as a pen, obviously. Its size, shape and appearance are the ones of a common pen. And you’ll use this device to write with it in the first place. The distinction between this one and different pens is the fact that it has another use. It’s a very powerful self-defense tool. The great factor about these weapons is that they’re quite little and easy to carry. You can also easily hide them in a pocket.

What makes them self-defense weapons? Some of the tactical pens have sharp points that are hidden in their tip. Others weigh much more than a simple pen due to the fact that they’re made out of high grade steel and they ensure a very strong strike.

The best tools of this kind will serve more purposes. This multitool will get you out of trouble. It can be used for writing, stopping someone by causing a minor wound, breaking things and even breaking glass if you use it well.

The tactical pens were created for those who don’t want to use a gun for self-defense and wish to have some helpful thing which will potentially become a weapon. They’re hard to notice and few see them as a dangerous tool. You may be also carrying a pepper spray, however you should be careful that your attacker doesn’t get his hands on it as it may hurt you instead of him.

Tactical pens have one great quality: they do not appear as weapons to others. The person who is aggressive to you’ll hardly notice that you may defend yourself. This is how you get an advantage from the element of surprise.

Reasons you need a self-defense tool

Increased violence in huge cities prompted people to seek solutions to defend themselves against aggressors. people of all ages began to attend classes that teach self-defense, martial arts generally. They also began to seek for weapons that could protect them.

The fact that more people are attending martial arts classes is because they’re concerned for their safety. Usually we hear about cases in which some person was attacked on the street, without having the ability to retaliate and without help of any passerby. To avoid such unpleasant incidents and for greater self-confidence, it’s possible to go to somebody that can teach you self-defence techniques, like muay thai, ju jitsu, kick boxing or aikido.

Learning those techniques will bring many physical and mental benefits. These include avoiding conflicts and improving the capacity of self-control, increasing the mental and physical resilience, and the self confidence too. Nobody likes violence, but it’s better to be prepared to defend yourself at any time.

The streets have become more uncertain everywhere these days. You may get out for a walk or go to work, you want to go to the park or the restaurant, but you do not know what awaits you on the corner. Even authorities admit that many people have had problems because of gangs, which are an addition to the lonely criminals from the street.

Authorities tell us that the main concern of punks is to raise money for alcohol or drugs. The criminals attack individuals, breaking their cars and houses and even putting their safety at risk. On the other hand, the police says that as soon as a gang is annihilated, another takes its place.

Those who come to wander are principally young persons, some of them have left school, others arrived in unemployment. If we refer only to the people who were attacked on the street, police says they don’t have a very clear statistic, and this happens because most of those attacks aren’t followed by an official complaint of the victim so the security forces detain the aggressor.

Narrow spaces such as an elevator or staircase are among the most dangerous battlefields, just because the victim has nowhere to run. His / her only chance is to fight back. The most effective punches are the one which point to the offender’s face. Although they’re vulnerable to attackers, ladies need to understand that they have a true arsenal in their purse – keys, comb, umbrella, perhaps a tactical pen, etc.  These were proven to be very powerful weapons. Even an ordinary plastic bottle helps. Don’t forget the high-heel shoes.

Self-defense techniques you can use

The first step in learning effective means of self-protection is deep and full awareness of the fact that we need self defense. The thought “This thing cannot happen to me” is extremely dangerous. Our great problem when it comes to seek for preventive measures is the idea that by taking these actions seriously we will appear like paranoid freaks in the eyes of others.

By living so we wittingly expose ourselves to all hazards like natural disasters, thefts and robberies, rapes, accidents, without any precautions and no concrete, fine-tuned action plan. Most times it’s necessary to go through such an event to become aware of how fragile and uncertain life is.

Self-defense can be made in several ways:

Avoiding places and dangerous situations is a good way to keep yourself away from unpleasant events in some cases.

Verbal self-defense is another recognized method of defusing a situation by using voice, tone and body language to calm the aggressor in the event of a conflict and to avoid direct attack. Conflict management can be learned in certain courses.

Physical self-defense is of two types:

  • Without using weapons, only techniques learned in martial arts courses
  • Using specific legal weapons for self-defense such as pepper spray or improvised at the moment, umbrellas, hair spray, baseball bat, tactical pens and others.

There are two very simple and effective methods of self defense can be used by most people.

  1. Run– is an effective self defense technique in many cases and it can give good results but it has many shortcomings. Here are some pros and cons:
    Pros: Run and cries for help, especially in crowded places, will draw attention to the situation and can cause a response both from people at the scene but especially from the police. If you choose to run you have to avoid deserted side streets and run directly toward crowded areas.
    Cons: If you plan to run to escape the aggressor you must wait for the right time and make sure you have the endurance and the speed needed to really escape. Most people, especially children and the elderly do not have the physical capacity to resist a sprint against aggressors especially if the latter are teenagers or young adults.
  2. Fight back– this is the moment when you may use a weapon to defend yourself. As we said before, one of the best and most useful mini weapons to use could be the tactical pen. Being designed for self-defense purposes, the pen is usually made out of a metal. The most used is aluminum, but you may find tactical pens made from titanium or stainless steel.

You should carry the pen with you for more than one reason. As an example, when you need something to write with during the flu season and use a public tool you’ll get sick because of the germs it potentially carries. Just think about how many hands have touched it.

When we talk about a dangerous situation when you need self-defense, consider it a weapon for close-quarters use. If you know you’ll find yourself in a dangerous situation, keep the pen in a place where you’ll retrieve it instantly. You should aim for the most vulnerable parts of the attacker’s body: wrist, hand, eyes, throat, groin, temple, etc.

Self-defense techniques using a tactical pen

Use it like a stick or sword – Just because you don’t have a sword at hand, it doesn’t mean you can’t improvise one. strike hard with your tactical pen and try to possess an honest grip. This strike can cause lots of pain to your aggressor and make him stop. However, after you scared him it’s best to run so you don’t get involved in a fight that you don’t want. This can be the simplest way for you to get out safe of an emergency situation.

Use the pen like a knife – Flip it upside down and jab your attacker. These little tools will simply break someone’s eyes if it reaches the right place. This strike should give you enough time to run away and escape from this dangerous situation.

Things to consider when using a tactical pen

Remember that you don’t wish to kill that person, you just wish to remove the threat. This is why you should know how to use the tactical pen. It can cause enough pain to end a dangerous situation for you, but it’s powerful enough to cause death, too. You must consider this facet before you’re able to take any weapon with you.

The name of this tool includes the word “tactical” so it’s supposed that you bought it knowing it was a weapon. Even if they’re not illegal, in case something happens and you get yourself involved in a trial, the lawyers may say that you purchased the pen with the intention of using it. This is not an argument that could be made if you defended yourself with a plastic pen. This can be one factor you must pay attention to when deciding to buy a tactical pen.

Another thing to consider is whether you can or cannot carry this tool in an airplane. There are three scenarios here:

  • Nobody sees it and you pass through the boarding gates
  • The controllers find it and take it away from you
  • You get arrested for trying to bring a weapon in a commercial airplane

You may encounter another problem with the self-defense pens regarding their quality. While some are better for writing, others are designed to be great weapons and they are not effective for the other purpose, of being a pen. This is why it is important to decide what features you desire from your tactical pen before buying it so to ensure you find what you need.

Tactical pens types

Smith & Wesson military and police tactical pen

The Smith & Wesson pen is one of the most effective players on the tactical pens’ market. It’s only 6.1 inches long and it’s very light weighted, 1.4 ounces. The metal used is T6061 aircraft aluminum. The cap might click open and closed. The Parker and Hauser ink inside the cartridge can assist you write smoothly.

Don’t take the pointing end as the writing one. You’ll find a tip at both ends with two roles: one for writing, one for fighting. The reviews for this tool are very good. Owners are completely satisfied from both points of view.

Benchmade 1100 Series Charcoal black pen

The tip of the Benchmade tactical pen is made out of carbide. It’s colored in black and blue and has an ergonomic pattern. The black grip, cap and body are manufactured with anodized charcoal. It writes using blue ink. This tactical pen has a tip (the carbide one) that can easily break glass.

If you don’t use it, secure it firmly with the cap. All the owners rated this product with five stars for all its features. As it is very good for writing, it may also cause a lot of damage when used as a weapon.

Schrade SCPENBK tactical pen

This type of tactical pen is created out of CNC machined 6061 aircraft aluminum. The pen is shorter than the Smith & Wesson one, with a length of 5.7 inches and it weighs 1.6 ounces. The on and off cap will be screwed. You’ll buy it with a Houser Parker cartridge. A black color covers the gray aluminum.

CountyComm Stainless Embassy Elite tactical pen

It is rated as one of the most solid tactical pens. It’s made out of stainless-steel which can resist any kind of impact. Its design ensures a solid grip and you’ll keep it attached to your pocket with the metal clip. The cartridge is Fisher space Pen. The pen is very easy to write with.

Unlike different tactical pens that mostly look like a writing tool, the CountyComm stainless Embassy Elite really looks like a strong weapon.

Cold Steel Sharkie tactical pen

The design is the one of an easy pen, but it’s elegant and suitable for a good grip. However, its features build it much more than a common pen: it’s made out of glass-reinforced Grivory; its walls are four times thicker than the ones of a common writing tool; the manufacturer made the body and the tip strong enough to resist repeated impacts; the narrow point can inflict lots of pain in the attacker by causing him deep wounds.

More and more folks are willing to buy weapons, lethal or non-lethal for their own protection.

First it should be noted that normally a weapon, be it non-lethal, produces a state of stress to the owner and his / her family. This was psychologically demonstrated. Most ladies feel stressed knowing that there’s a weapon in the house and the risk is even greater in families where there’s a small child: you put it away from the kid but how you may reach it in case of an aggression? This is why a tactical pen may be a good choice, because it’s not actually seen as a weapon.

The main problem also derives from the psychological side. Most of the people purchase weapons not necessarily to defend themselves but to feel a little additional confident in delicate situations. Others acquire them after striking attacks and others for pure defiance. Most of the people in the initial two categories are those who feel safer after the purchase of the product: the idea of a weapon somehow manages to strengthen their self-image.

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